Tree Touching Power Line

Avoid Danger & Injury from a Tree Touching Power Lines

Would you know what to do if there was a tree touching power lines on your property?

Power lines and electrical equipment exist on practically every property. When trees come into contact with electricity lines, they can disrupt power and harm anyone that comes in contact. While procedures are in place to safeguard us, occasionally we find ourselves in dangerous situations.

Keep reading to learn more about preventing danger with a tree touching power lines on your property and what to do when faced with this risky problem.

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The Danger of Trees & Power Lines

Electricity is nothing to play around with, and hopefully this was instilled in you at a very young age. What we sometimes forget is exactly how electricity works, which is precisely what makes it so dangerous.

Today, we use electricity to power our homes and businesses, control heating & energy and so much more. Power lines typically run close to streets, suspended in the air by poles. Other properties have power lines running underground (which is why it is recommended to call your provider before digging into land).

Electricity is constantly seeking the fastest route to the ground. When any person or object touching the ground comes into contact with power lines, electric currents will immediately travel through you to get there. This is the cause of electrocution, which is serious and sometimes fatal.

Keep Trees Away from Power Lines

Preventing this threat is not difficult, and you can avoid almost all risk with proper maintenance and care. Follow these tips to avoid contact between your trees and the power lines above:

  • Be Aware of Lines: First and foremost, you need to know exactly where power lines are in relation to your building. Whether residential or commercial, know the location of lines and whether they are above or below ground.
  • Plant with Care: When planting trees, always take into consideration their fully mature size. Large trees should not be planted close to power lines, but some smaller trees are fine! Ask a local arborist if the plants you selected are safe.
  • Prune & Trim Often: It is vital to properly maintain trees by pruning and trimming in appropriate seasons. Weak tree limbs and tree branches will be removed and the tree is groomed for healthy growth. A strong tree is less likely to have limbs break off that interfere with power lines.
  • Hire a Professional: Certified arborists provide a valuable service. Having experience in the field, they have seen weakened trees succumb to heavy snows and land on power lines. Hiring a professional can help you eliminate most foreseeable risk.
  • Get Insurance: We can’t prevent all problems, but insurance helps protect us against unavoidable damage. All homeowners, business owners and even renters should secure insurance.

Always be cautious around power lines and assume they are both live and dangerous. Call your local power company if a tree is growing close to the lines. Several companies will provide line clearance services, eliminating any cost to you!

Also, remember that attempting to trim or remove trees yourself is a leading cause of accident. Avoid performing dangerous tree care yourself and enlist the help of a professional.

Help, My Trees Are Already Touching Lines!

If a tree on your property is already touching power lines and/or sparking, DO NOT TOUCH THE TREE & CALL THE POWER COMPANY IMMEDIATELY! Avoid all contact with the tree and do not wait to make the call.

It is absolutely essential to exercise extreme caution with any tree that is in contact with power lines. As we said before, electricity is constantly looking for the fastest route to the ground. Trees quickly provide that route.

Dominion Virginia Power is the service provider for many residents in Northern Virginia. Call them directly at 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357) for tree trimming service if trees are already touching power lines or could interrupt service.

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