Northern Virginia Expert Tree Removal

We Know When Your Trees Are at Risk

Have we mentioned how much we love trees? We take every precaution we can to save them whenever possible. However, we are also realists who recognize when it’s necessary to remove a tree. The most important thing for homeowners to follow is safety. If your tree is diseased, decaying, has root issues or is threatening to damage your house or property, call us to expertly fell your tree. Do not ever attempt tree felling and removal on your own.

Why Use a Professional Service?

Why choose professionals? If you’ve ever had a close call with a fallen tree, you know how frightening it can be. Toppled trees can be extremely dangerous and damaging—especially if they’ve brought down power lines or hit your house.

Unfortunately, uprooted trees are fairly unpredictable—you never know when or where they might fall. Your safety should always come first. Don’t risk taking these matters into your own hands—and never put off the removal of an at-risk tree if you feel you’re in danger. Call the tree surgeons at Absolute Tree for removal service.

Our arborists are highly trained in the process of tree removal and are qualified to assess your unique situation. We are also super comfortable working in high places and around power lines. Plus, we have the skills and high-tech equipment to safely and efficiently remove troubled trees. When you need a tree removal service, don’t hesitate to call us.

Top reasons to fell a tree:

  • Diseased, dead or dying
  • Hazardous to your home or surrounding areas
  • Crowding other trees, structurally unsound
  • Being replaced by newer growth
  • Landscaping renovations or home additions
  • Sustained storm damage
  • Roots causing damage
  • Affecting your power lines

Debris Removal? No problem

The felling of your damaged tree is only the beginning. Once the tree has come down, there is the issue of removing the tree and all its debris. Worries aside though, our professionals at Absolute Tree can expertly do this, too. We will fell your trees, safely remove them and professionally clear all of the fallen branches and remnants from your property.