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What To Expect

When you hire Absolute Tree Service, you hire a qualified team of tree professionals who will take on any tree removal job efficiently and safely. Our crew is skilled in operating our cranes, bucket trucks, and spiderlifts to remove even the tallest trees, and our climbers are the best at what they do.

What can you expect from Absolute Tree Service? Only the best.

We Know When Your Trees Are At Risk

Have we mentioned how much we love trees? We take every precaution we can to save them whenever possible. However, we are also realists who recognize when it’s necessary to remove a tree. The most important thing for homeowners is to follow safety protocols. If your tree is diseased, decaying, has root issues, or is threatening to damage your house or property, call us to expertly fell your tree. Do not ever attempt tree felling and removal on your own!

8 Reasons to Remove a Tree

Power Line Disruption

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Trees touching or threatening to touch powerlines can quickly become a fire or electrocution hazard. They should be removed as soon as possible.

diseased or dying tree

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A diseased or dying tree can pose a hazard and should be removed. Unsound trees can drop limbs unexpectedly, break apart, or fall over entirely, damaging structures and injuring people.

Damaging Roots

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Sometimes a tree's roots can damage underground utilities, plumbing, or your home's foundation. These trees need to be removed to mitigate the damage they cause.

Safety Hazard

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Sometimes trees can pose a safety hazard, such as by reducing visibility on roadways or having a structurally unsound growth pattern. It's sometimes necessary to remove these trees before they cause an issue.

Tree Storm Damage

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Severe weather can damage trees by breaking branches and limbs, splitting trunks, or completely toppling trees. In these cases, the trees are often removed to mitigate risk and prevent future damage to people and property.


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Trees growing too closely together can compete for limited soil nutrients and water while blocking sunlight and airflow. Thinning existing stands of crowded trees allows the remaining trees to grow unimpeded.

Home Renovation

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Trees can sometimes be in the way when renovating your home or property. Removing these trees is an excellent way to modify your property without compromising your vision.

replaced by new growth

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Sometimes you want a change but don’t have the space. Removing a tree can free up your yard and allow you to plant something new.

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Types of Tree Removal

Depending on the tree's size, condition, and location, we have different methods for efficiently and safely removing your tree.

Tree Removal with a Climber

Cutting down a tree using a climber is precisely what it sounds like. One of our trained professionals climbs the tree and cuts away limbs, branches, and sections of the trunk piece by piece. These sections of the tree are secured with rope and, using a pulley system, the ground crew gently and safely lowers the sections to the ground.

Tree Removal with a Crane

A crane-assisted removal is generally the safest and most efficient way to remove a tree. The crane allows us to safely remove the tree when there is no appropriate place to drop or lower branches as they're cut.

We use this technique when removing trees from tight spaces, such as between houses or other structures.

Cranes are necessary when removing dangerous, damaged, or dead trees that are too unsafe to climb. This equipment also lessens the impact on your property and allows us to dismantle any tree within our reach with maximum efficiency.

When appropriate, crane-assisted removals are done with a climber in the tree. The climber makes the necessary cuts and then secures limbs and loose sections of the trunk with rope allowing the crane to lift them up and away.

Felling a Tree

Felling a tree is one of the fastest methods to remove a tree, but it also requires a lot of space, something we don't always have in Northern Virginia. To fell a tree, we make a series of strategic cuts at the tree's base to allow us to direct the tree's fall. We also use a variety of rigging and ropes to help steer the tree and avoid any nearby structures or vehicles.

Whatever your tree's size, location, or condition, Absolute Tree Service's professional team has the experience, know-how, and equipment to get the job done efficiently and safely!

Why Use a Professional Tree Service?

Why choose professionals? If you’ve ever had a close call with a fallen tree, you know how frightening it can be. Toppled trees can be extremely dangerous and damaging—especially if they’ve brought down power lines or hit your house.

Unfortunately, uprooted trees are fairly unpredictable—you never know when or where they might fall. Your safety should always come first. Don’t risk taking these matters into your own hands—and never put off the removal of an at-risk tree if you feel you’re in danger. Call the tree removal specialists at Absolute Tree for emergency removal service.

Our arborists are highly trained in the process of tree removal and are qualified to assess your unique situation. We are also super comfortable working in high places and around power lines. Plus, we have the skills and high-tech equipment to safely and efficiently remove troubled trees. When you need to have a tree cuts down or safely removed from your property, don’t hesitate to call us.


Debris Removal? No Problem!

Cutting down a tree is only the beginning. Once the tree has come down, there is the issue of removing the tree and all its debris. Believe us, there will be many more branches, leaves, twigs, trunk sections, and other tree debris than you can probably imagine!

Thankfully, you can put your worries aside. Our professionals at Absolute Tree will expertly and professionally clear all of the fallen branches and remnants from your property. Many customers tell us that their yard looks better than it did before we go to work!

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The crew did a great job pruning my trees and removing a huge dead tree. They were very diligent in ensuring everything was cleaned up and put back together. I have used these services several times and highly recommend them.


Shelley R.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Removal

Many things go into tree removal, and there are many moving parts. We need to see the tree to determine, amongst other things, the tree:

  • Size
  • Species
  • Health
  • Location
  • Proximity to power lines and utilities, buildings, roads, etc.
  • Surrounding landscape

Once we can see the tree for ourselves, we can determine what kind of equipment is needed, which crew can most efficiently do the job, and more.

In most cases, we can remove multiple trees as part of the same job. It depends on how many trees need to be cut down, where they are on your property, the weather that day, the crew availability, and other factors. Removing several trees at once can be preferable as it takes time to set up the equipment, schedule the crews, etc.

Contact us for more details.

Yes! Absolute Tree Service has the equipment to remove trees from tight, confined, and hard-to-reach spaces. Our crane, bucket truck, and spider lift allow us to access nearly any tree that needs to be cut down.

Yes, we can remove trees near power lines. These removals may take coordination with your electrical utility to cut power for the duration of the job.

If an ash tree has died due to infestation by Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), the tree has likely become dry, brittle, and too unsafe for a climber to ascend. Almost all dead ash trees in our area have succumbed to EAB, so we have a specific and detailed process to remove ash trees to ensure that everyone and everything around the tree remains safe.

Stump grinding is a separate service that can be added to your tree removal quote. Be sure to let our estimator know you'd like the stump ground away when they're discussing options with you.

We do not offer stump removal (which usually involves digging or pulling out the stump, including the roots).

Using a crane for tree removals is often faster and safer than other options. It is the only realistic option in some situations, such as a tree close to a building, power line, or other trees.

Using a crane can help us:

  • Remove tall(er) trees
  • Reach otherwise inaccessible areas
  • Complete the removal faster than by other methods
  • Keep everyone safe

When using a crane, the tree doesn't have to fall over (like when a tree is felled) or be cut apart, lowered to the ground, and carried away piece by piece. Instead, the tree can be lifted out of the area vertically (one piece at a time). The ground crew then cuts the tree into logs that can be hauled away with a log truck, as well as smaller pieces that can be fed through a chipper to break down the branches into wood chips.


Why Hire Absolute Tree Service for Tree Removal?


Crane-assisted tree removal for large, dangerous, and difficult-to-access trees


Specialized equipment to tackle any tree removal job efficiently and safely


Fast turnaround on quotes and service


Pricing options to fit your budget


We take care of tree permits for you


We answer the phone!


We clean up after ourselves and haul away all the debris (and that's included in your price)


Stump grinding is available as an additional service


We do it ALL!

Call Absolute Tree for the Absolute Best Tree Removal!

Our Tree Removal Service Area

If you're looking for tree removal in the Northern Virginia area, look no further! You'll find our talented crews working in these locations:

If you need tree removal in Northern Virginia but don't see your location listed here, give us a call at 703-969-6207 or contact us online to see if we can help.

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