Tree Removal

Determining When to Cut Down a Tree

It can be difficult to determine when to cut down a tree without the help of a certified arborist. There are, however, clues and signs to look out for, signaling that it may be time to call a professional team for diagnosis.

Tree removal is a service that should be performed by professionals. Even if you think you can handle the job, there are risks and concerns that you may have never considered. In fact, state laws may prohibit performing the service yourself.

Keep reading to learn more about determining if your tree needs to be cut down and the symptoms to look out for.

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Reasons to Cut Down A Tree

There are many reasons that lead homeowners and business owners to bring down trees on the property. Safety is the most common concern.

When trees become damaged, sick or dead, they threaten the people and property around them. It is important to remove hazardous trees before they impose further damage. Here are some common causes leading to removal.

Severe Tree Damage

Storms and severe weather can strike and injure trees drastically. Even old age and neglect can lead to weakness. If you see split wood, slanting, or uprooted areas, it may be vital to remove the tree and prevent further harm. Neglecting to do so can lead to toppling trees, falling on property and people when you least expect it.

Sickness & Disease

When a tree becomes infected, it can overwhelm and kill the tree without adequate and proper treatment. If left untreated, your tree can rot and deteriorate from the inside out, leaving it a destabilized risk. Additionally, one infected tree can quickly spread to others, compromising the health of all trees on your property. Click here for more information and symptoms of tree diseases.

Tree Insect Infestation

Very similar to disease, insect infestations can very swiftly kill your tree and spread to others on the property. With quick response and treatment to such infestations, removal may be avoided. However, if the strength of the tree is compromised, it may not be possible to save. Click here for more information and symptoms of insect infestation.

Tree Overgrowth

Occasionally trees will grow much larger, wider or faster than we intend them to. When this occurs, removal may be required for safety and the health of other trees. If they are growing too closely together, it may cause all to become malnourished. Removal of one or a few trees allows sunlight and other nutrients to be sufficiently dispersed.

Quick Response Recommended

If you find the trees on your property exhibiting symptoms of damage, disease, infestation and overgrowth, it is a time sensitive concern to consult with a professional team.

Promptly responding to a dangerous tree is not only important for maintaining other trees’ health, it is important for you and those around you. Neglecting to treat a dangerous tree can leave you fully liable for any damages caused.

For example, if the tree topples and falls on a neighbor’s house or even your car, you will most likely be responsible for all damages and costs of repair.

Can You Cut Down Trees on Your Property?

If you find yourself pondering the question “should a tree be cut down?” it is always highly recommended that you consult with a certified and licensed tree service company. There are many essential reasons for this, too.

In many states and regions, it may be required by law that professionals remove trees. When amateurs attempt to remove the tree themselves, they put all individuals and property in the area at risk. Without experience, you may not know that special equipment is required.

A certified arborist may have alternative solutions for your removal. If your tree is facing infestation or disease, a professional may know of effective solutions that can keep your tree alive! With splits and damage, tree cabling may be able to reinforce the growth and stability of your tree.

Almost all reputable tree service companies will be able to provide you with a free estimate before completing service. By scheduling an appointment, a certified arborist will be able to assess the extent of damage to your tree and propose an optimal solution for if and when to cut down a tree.

Remember: attempting to remove a tree by yourself can be extremely dangerous and hazardous. Inexperience can lead to severe and devastating damage, holding you fully liable. Get estimated removal and treatment prices from your local tree company and avoid making matters worse!

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