When Customers Tell Us to “Go Climb a Tree,” We Do!

Caring for trees is our livelihood. But so is caring for our customers. At Absolute Tree, we’ve made it our goal to consistently provide our customers with the best customer service in the Richmond and Northern Virginia areas. When you call on us for services, you can rest easy knowing all your tree care issues are in extremely capable hands.

But don’t let us sway you. See for yourself what our clients are saying.

Absolute Tree did a great job. Our kids were home and were very excited to watch. At one point the crew discovered a squirrel’s nest with young kits inside. They were chirping pitifully for their mother. The crew stopped all work, gently moved the nest to a safe place where the mother would later come, and carefully tucked the babies back inside. Our kids were so relieved to see their thoughtfulness for the wildlife. The trees were removed professionally and all debris as well. I would hire again.

— Barbara Hewitt

Our neighbor had a tree hanging over the power lines that fed directly to our house, and the power company said that they don’t deal with potential issues like this on private property – they’d only service it if the branch fell and we lost power.

So, I called Absolute Tree Service, and they couldn’t have been more helpful. They quickly gave me a price quote, which was very reasonable. When we gave them the okay, they arrived when they said they would, they had the truck/tools required, and they cleared it up on the spot.

They even hit a snag because it was harder to get to the limbs than they’d anticipated, but they didn’t charge anything above the quote they’d already given us.

The service was spot on. The price was fair, and the people were friendly. Highly recommended!

— Tim Kassouf

Ashley and Jill did a great job to make sure my request was fulfilled. The price for the service and product (1/2 cord firewood delivered) is VERY reasonable. Looking forward to working with Absolute Tree in the future.

— James Carsner

Sing It From the Treetops!

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