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Vienna, Virginia tree service extends the life of the maturing trees in our community. Remember those seedlings planted when neighborhoods sprouted here? They are now adult trees and can live longer with scheduled maintenance and our arborists’ plans for growth management.

Abundant trees are one of the reasons Vienna ranked near the top of a list of the 100 best places to live in the United States. In spite of record home construction, two out of every three trees were left in place to thrive and provide shade. Even one of our main drags is named, “Maple Avenue”.

Vienna, VA tree service expertly and affordably protects trees on your lawn, or the grounds of your business or organization. It allows you to contribute to the character and property values of one of the loveliest communities in Virginia.

How Professional Tree Service Saves Money

Neglected trees suffer far greater damage from bad weather. Repairing and restoring damaged trees significantly increases costs.

We’re proud to provide 24-hour emergency tree service if you suffer tree damage. But arborists recommend preventive maintenance to head off damage requiring tree removal.

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    Why We Need Trees; Why You Want Vienna, VA Tree

    Your shaded streets, canopied lawns and impressive commercial grounds are working hard for you. One tree can filter up to 60 pounds of pollutants from the air each year! This is locally important given our proximity to main auto commuter routes.

    As you know, Vienna sets strict limits on limbs it will collect for recycling. Trees and limbs must be less than six inches in diameter and no more than 8 feet in length. With Vienna, VA tree service, debris is removed for you.

    The Next Step is Recycling

    Smaller debris collected everyday goes into the wood chipper. You can get some of these chips free of charge, delivered to your home because you are a tree service customer. Wood debris is also turned into mulch, as a result of a partnership with a wood recycling company.

    Straight pieces of Oak, Poplar and Cherry that can be salvaged become furniture, hardwood floors and other handiwork at local businesses. You can have debris cut and split for firewood.

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    Did You Know?

    Did you know there are sixteen different varieties of pines and nine different kinds of oaks native to the Commonwealth? Count on us to know how to care for the specific needs of the hundreds of different varieties that make your property lush and welcoming.