Firewood Delivered in Northern Virginia

Enjoy Lower Energy Costs by the Fire

There is nothing cozier on a cold night than a warm, crackling fire, right? With home heating costs skyrocketing these days, it’s no surprise some homeowners are turning to firewood to heat their homes. If you’re concerned with energy costs and are considering firewood as an alternative or if you just enjoy the atmosphere of a roaring fire, call Absolute Tree to schedule your firewood delivery.

Why “Wood” You Choose Us?

There are roughly 35 million fireplaces in American homes today. That’s a lot of firewood! But homeowners shouldn’t burn just any type of wood in their fireplaces. It’s important to know where your fuel comes from, which is why you should always purchase and buy your firewood locally.

Due to the possibility of tree-killing insects and diseases that can lurk in firewood, the International Society for Arborculture (ISA) recommends buying and burning it locally. Firewood should never be transported from another location. Otherwise, you run the risk of transferring insects or diseases from one environment to another. To keep things simple, call Absolute Tree. We can cut, bundle and deliver all of your local firewood directly to your home.

We offer all the following:

  • Locally sourced wood that is clean, insect-free and dry
  • Split, seasoned firewood
  • Delivery included in the price
  • Easy-order bundles available in half cords, full cords or bulk
  • Rush services (filled within 24 hours)
  • Many hardwood blends
  • Services throughout the Northern Virginia areas

Another Option – Kiln-Dried Firewood

If you’re serious about your home heating and committed to firewood as your main heat source, you should consider kiln-dried firewood. Super easy to ignite and dried to the lowest moisture level possible, kiln-dried firewood is an excellent heating source.

What makes it different? Kiln-dried firewood is lumber that is dried at extremely hot temperatures in an industrial oven. The result is highly dry and easily flammable wood that is insect- and spore-free. Kiln-dried wood makes a great option for homeowners who regularly heat their homes with lumber.

At Your Service

We take pride in delivering the very best products to our customers. In addition to tree pruning and maintenance, we also can handle all of your firewood questions, concerns and delivery requests.

Absolute Tree is available for firewood delivery service in Northern Virginia, including the following cities: Alexandria, Springfield, Arlington, Vienna, Falls Church, Annandale, Burke, Fairfax, Fairfax Station, Great Falls and McLean. Call us today at 703-969-6207!