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I had an old tree that the wind did damage to. I wanted the limbs trimmed before they did damage to my vehicle or house. I was very satisfied, and they were very professional.

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What to Expect

Worried that your tree may be a hazard? Concerned that it's in declining health? Wondering what can be done to keep your favorite tree in tip-top condition? Then it's time to call the pros at Absolute Tree for an arborist assessment! Let us put your mind at ease by first determining if any of your trees pose a serious risk that could damage your valuable property or hurt the people you care about. We'll then provide you with reasonable recommendations to achieve the outcomes you want for your tree(s).

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When a storm knocks your trees around, it can be difficult to determine if they have been damaged enough to pose a real threat. The same goes for exposed roots or possible tree disease. How do you know when the trees on your property have become hazards? We’ll tell you. Simply call in the experts at Absolute Tree for an arborist assessment.

Whatever your concerns may be, our certified arborists will inspect your trees and provide you with a thorough assessment.

Watch Out: These Signs Mean Trouble

It isn’t always clear when the trees on your property become hazards. But when you start to worry about your home’s safety, it’s time to call in the experts. A certified arborist can swing in and provide an in-depth tree inspection and risk assessment. Trained experts know where to look for tree weakness, disease, or underlying root issues that could put you and your family at risk.

Look out for these common signs of trouble and see why they pose a hazard -

Dead Patches in Trees

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Dead patches in the canopy of your trees are comprised of branches and limbs that aren’t getting the water and nutrients they need. These dead parts of the tree become dry and brittle and are at risk of falling at any time.

Woodpecker Holes

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Woodpeckers create holes in trees as they search for insects to eat inside. Woodpeckers are a sign that your tree may be infested with boring insects that have caused the tree's interior to rot. These trees are potentially hazardous as they can fail in strong winds, drop limbs, or fall on nearby structures.

Recent Ice or Snowstorm

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We don't see a lot of snow and ice in Northern Virginia, but when we do, it's bad news for our trees. Accumulated ice and snow can weigh down branches, causing them to snap off and fall on people, cars, or structures.

Exposed or Damaged Roots

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Roots can sometimes become tangled up with and damage underground utility lines, plumbing, or your home's foundation. Exposed roots can cause a tripping hazard, while shallow roots may allow the tree to be uprooted in severe weather. 

Diseased Trees

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Diseased trees can become weak and could fall or drop limbs without warning. These trees pose a hazard to nearby people, property, and structures.

Cabling and Bracing

Sometimes a tree develops structural issues that compromise its integrity and safety. While removing these trees is an option, sometimes they can be saved with some structural support. Absolute Tree can help stabilize trees in these situations by installing physical supports.

If your tree is at risk of splitting or breaking apart, our team of tree professionals can provide a full assessment of your tree to determine if cabling and bracing are appropriate solutions.

It's for Your Own Protection

Did you know that more than 100 people are killed by trees each year in the U.S.? While these deaths are rare, they do happen. So, we don’t want it happening to you. We can’t stress enough how important tree safety is. Trees that are possible safety hazards should always be inspected by a fully licensed, insured, and certified arborist.

To prevent accidents and secure your home’s safety, call Absolute Tree at 703-705-4746 for any tree concerns or services you may need!


Frequently Asked Questions About Arborist Assessments

When it comes to questions about tree risk and possible damage, we've heard it all! Hopefully, the information below will help answer your questions but, if not, give us a call at 703-969-6207, and we’ll get you an answer!

An arborist assessment, sometimes called a tree risk assessment, involves inspecting trees for signs of damage, compromised structure, root problems, diseases, and other conditions that create a risk for people or nearby structures.

We charge $99 for an arborist assessment. This includes a thorough tree inspection and specific recommendations for its care.

Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. Our experienced arborists will carefully evaluate damaged trees to determine whether structural supports like cabling and bracing, or structural pruning to remove damaged tree sections, could help minimize the risk. In cases where risk mitigation isn't feasible (or would cost too much), we can quickly cut down the tree and remove all risk for good.

Contact Absolute Tree. Our highly skilled team can fully assess your trees to determine which might be at risk and provide recommendations for mitigation.

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For arborist inspections and tree risk assessments in the Northern Virginia area, call the pros at Absolute Tree if you're located anywhere within our service area. We'd love to hear from you!

Call Absolute Tree at 703-969-6207 or request an estimate using our online form if you're interested in an arborist assessment.

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