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The responsibilities of homeownership can seem never-ending—especially if you have a property sprinkled with trees. Still, many Northern Virginia homeowners don’t realize the importance of regular tree pruning. Just as you weed your garden and fertilize your plants, you should also trim your trees.

Just a Little Off the Top?

Did you know there's more to tree pruning than simply cutting back branches?

Proper pruning isn't just a matter of cutting back those unruly limbs that jut out in odd directions. There is a higher skill and precise art to the whole process of tree trimming. And, if done correctly and carefully, your trees will flourish and grow into the most beautifully shaped greens on the block.


The Many Benefits of Annual Tree Pruning

There are a multitude of reasons you should consider annual tree trimming, including:

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Allows for better growth and health

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Improves flowering

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Decreases risk of dead branches that are causing damage

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Reduces wind resistance

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Improves overall appearance

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Improves property’s safety

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Improves tree structure

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Opens property for better sunlight and air exposure

Every member of our expert team is fully committed to safety. We are fully insured, so you can rest easy knowing your job will be handled by professionals who care about you and your property!

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Absolute was able to schedule delivery within a week. They delivered every bit of a cord of dry seasoned oak. My best experience with firewood yet. This was the first time I have used Absolute and based on this delivery, I would recommend them.

Gary L.

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Turn Over a New Leaf Each Year

Yearly tree pruning is a necessity that you shouldn’t neglect, especially if you enjoy a property adorned with trees. Put us on your calendar for an annual tree inspection and trimming, and we’ll keep your yard looking fresh and beautiful all year. Call us today at 703-969-6207!

Pruning Versus Trimming

What’s the Difference?

This question seems simple, but it's a bit more complicated than you’d think. Pruning and trimming are terms that are often used interchangeably – we here at Absolute Tree Service prefer the term "trimming" – but there is technically a difference between them.

Tree Trimming

Trimming is a technique to maintain a tree's overall size and shape. An example of trimming is when you or your neighbor trim your hedge to a predetermined height and shape. The cuts in this example aren't done strategically with the growth and health of the plant in mind, just the size and shape.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is generally described as removing diseased or dead branches and thinning and shaping the tree. Pruning increases overall health and strength while improving the general appearance.

Though people use the terms pruning and trimming interchangeably, the team at Absolute Tree Service are highly skilled experts in all aspects of pruning and trimming and will always employ the appropriate trimming (or pruning!) strategy for your trees.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Pruning and Trimming

How often a tree needs to be trimmed depends on the age of your tree. Generally, for mature trees, you will need to prune them every 3 to 5 years. Younger trees should be pruned every 2 to 3 years.

It's best to have your trees inspected annually by a qualified tree professional to see if they need any trimming. This annual evaluation will allow you to quickly address any problems between major prunings.

Storm events may also cause damage that needs to be addressed immediately.

Often, you'll know when it's time to prune a tree.

For example, it may have an unattractive shape, branches may be hitting your roof, or low branches could be blocking your view or obstructing traffic and pedestrians.

Perhaps you're seeing deadwood throughout the tree or broken or hanging branches that pose a safety risk.

Whenever you think there may be a safety hazard, call us at 703-969-6207 for a tree inspection. Safety is always a good reason to prune a tree!

Generally, winter (the tree's dormant season) is a good time to prune trees, but that doesn't mean it's the only time. And some trees are best trimmed in late spring or early summer. It’s important to consult an expert that can do a thorough examination before trimming. If it’s done in the wrong season, it can worsen diseases, reduce (or even eliminate) flowering and fruit production, and jeopardize the health of your trees.

Generally, cutting off dead branches may help a tree, but every situation can be different. When done correctly, cutting off a dead branch will allow the tree to focus on its healthy branches and promote more growth.

We prefer to meet with you before starting work to ensure we all agree on what's being done and the expected outcome. Plus, we love meeting our customers!

However, if you've already had a good conversation with our team and cannot be present while work is being done, we can proceed with pruning work with your approval.

We do not top trees. Also called "hat-racking," this process of cutting trees to make them shorter is not only harmful to the trees, but it's also illegal in many locations.

Yes. Not only does pruning help your trees live a longer and healthier life, but it also improves your property's curb appeal and increases your property value.

>> Learn more about why tree trimming is important

The type and size of the power line and proximity to the pruning we'll be doing dictate how we will approach performing the work. Any job that involves pruning near a power line requires a thorough inspection by one of our experienced tree professionals. We'll coordinate with the local power company to disconnect power to the line(s) in or near your tree if necessary.

Safety is always our first consideration when working near powerlines, so we take extra care to ensure our crews are safe. This might mean that scheduling your pruning job will be delayed while we make proper arrangements with the power company.

Yes, you can! Winter is the dormant season for most plants and trees, making it an ideal pruning time.

Cold temperatures and short daylight hours usher in dormancy and, like hibernating animals, trees and shrubs turn their energy use down to its lowest setting and settle in to snooze until spring.


When is the Best Time to Prune a Tree?

Contrary to what many people think, tree trimming can be very productive when done in the off-season. In Northern Virginia, that means pruning your trees in November through March. There are many pluses to winter pruning that will improve your tree growth come spring and summer. Below are just a few of the reasons to prune your trees in winter.

Disease Management

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Tree pruning during the winter months decreases the risk of bug infestations. By working when pests are less active, your trees stay safer.

Improved Structure

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Removing dead limbs and branches results in a more attractive, safer tree. Dead limbs not only look bad, but they could also fall at any time, damaging property or injuring people.

Better Access for Inspection

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Without leaves blocking the view, we can get a better look at your tree to determine if there are any other health or pest issues that should be addressed.

Healing and Growth

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Winter pruning is less stressful on trees and allows for healthier growth in spring and summer. 

More Sunlight

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Winter pruning allows for more sunlight once trees start to bloom without forcing the tree to devote energy to regrowth mid-season.

Call Absolute Tree for the Absolute Best Tree Trimming!

If you’re considering shaping up your trees, don’t hesitate to call at any time (including during winter!) to schedule a pruning appointment.

Need Tree Trimming in NOVA? Here Are the Areas We Serve

Whether you need tree pruning in Alexandria, trimming in Lorton, or canopy thinning in Burke, you can count on the Absolute Tree arborists to get the job done quickly and properly. Just give us a call!

If you need tree pruning or trimming in Northern Virginia or have questions, give us a call at 703-969-6207 or contact us online.

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