Trimming Service in Northern Virginia

Pruning Trees For Over 13 Years

The responsibilities of homeownership are never ending—especially if you have a property sprinkled with a family of trees. Still, many homeowners don’t always realize the importance of caring for their greenery. Just as you weed your garden and fertilize your plants, you should also trim your trees.

But did you know there is more to tree trimming than simply cutting back branches? There are a multitude of reasons you should consider annual tree trimming.

Benefits to Getting in Shape

Proper pruning isn’t just a matter of cutting back those unruly limbs that jut out in odd directions. There is a higher skill and precise art to the whole process. And if done properly and carefully, your trees will flourish and grow into the most beautifully shaped greens on the block.

Here’s are the main benefits of annual tree pruning:

  • Allows for better growth and health
  • Improves flowering
  • Decreases risk of dead branches that are causing damage
  • Reduces wind resistance
  • Improves overall appearance
  • Improves property’s safety
  • Improves tree structure
  • Opens property for better sunlight and air exposure

When Is The Right Time for a Trim?

Contrary to what many people think, tree pruning can be very productive when done in the off-season. If you’re considering shaping up your trees, don’t hesitate to call us during the winter months for your pruning appointment. There are many pluses to winter pruning that will improve your tree growth come spring and summer. These include:

  • Disease management: Fresh cuts and trims during the off months decrease the risk of bug infestations.
  • Better structure: Removing dead limbs and branches allows for a stronger tree.
  • Healing and growth: Winter pruning is less stressful on trees and allows for healthier growth in spring and summer.
  • Spot check: Branches without leaves are easier to inspect for disease
  • More sunlight: Winter pruning allows for more sunlight once trees start to bloom, increasing summer growth

Turn Over a New Leaf Each Year

Yearly tree pruning is a necessity that you shouldn’t neglect, especially if you enjoy a property adorned with trees. Put us on your calendar for yearly inspection and trimming, and we’ll keep your landscaping looking fresh and beautiful all year. Call us today at 703-969-6207!