Why Is Tree Trimming Important?

Trees are an important and inseparable part of our lives and they are among the most beautiful living beings in nature. A beautiful, well-maintained tree makes your property not just more vibrant and lively, but also more valuable. Since we are sharing the same living space, at least we can do is to make sure that our coexistence goes along with minimal risks to our safety and maximum mutual benefits. Tree trimming can help us with that.

Why do we need trimming?

The trees in the wild grow freely and on their own, but in our yards and streets, the situation is a bit different. Surely, we want them to look natural as possible. But we also want to feel safe and serene around them, as well as enjoy their beauty. These are the main reasons why we need to give the trees proper and regular care. Care that will ensure a healthy, long life for them and increases our own happiness.

One of the maintenance processes that contribute to that goal is trimming. Tree trimming is the most effective way of shaping and maintaining trees around your home. Thanks to trimming, you’ll enjoy a more beautiful appearance and safer surroundings. Proper trimming encourages strong growth, increases flowering, and benefits health. It simply makes a tree more beautiful. Proper trimming also keeps everyone safe. By trimming branches regularly, we keep them from becoming too heavy and, eventually, collapsing on people, cars, or other assets.

Trimming and pruning

Trimming and pruning are commonly considered the same thing, but there’s a difference between them. Both include cutting and removing targeted branches of the tree but with slightly different purposes and methods.

The process of pruning includes dealing with damaged or unhealthy parts, focusing on the health improvements and safety issues, while trimming is a more general approach, and it’s performed for design purposes mainly. It doesn’t mean that trimming doesn’t have any other benefits except aesthetics. On the contrary, proper and regular trimming will benefit your tree health in multiple ways.

Professional Tree Pruning

Trimming vs. pruning

Trimming and pruning have similar advantages, but they’re used under different circumstances. Pruning is usually more selective. It’s about removing a couple of specific branches that are broken, sickly or likely to become dangerous in some way. It means that you need to have certain knowledge about plants and possible diseases. Trimming, on the other hand, is a more common, universal type of action. It’s based mostly on modifying the tree’s shape and removing overgrown limbs.

Trimming is the planned removal of unwanted branches from a tree that enhances the tree’s long-term health and structural integrity while improving the aesthetic and safety of your property at the same time. Regular trimming improves the overall appearance and structure of the tree and helps the tree to develop stronger core structures and canopy. It also prevents branches from crossing each other or growing with weak bifurcations.

Why is it important to control the growth of the tree?

Overgrown trees and plants could cause damage to the walls, roofs, power lines, or other structures on their way. If not trimmed or cut on time, fallen branches can also hurt people or animals, break the windshields of cars, slow down the traffic or pedestrian flow, and cause many other troubles. An overcrowded canopy will attract animals, insects, or birds that you don’t want near your home, like rattles, rats, or even raccoons.

Leaving dead or rotting branches untrimmed is very dangerous. They have a huge risk of catching fire, and also attract wood insects, or pests, which can lead to the decay of a whole tree, and eventually, fall. By removing decaying or overgrowing areas, a tree gets a chance to develop new stems and leaves, as well as a healthier root system.

A Dense Tree

Trimming methods

There are different tree trimming methods, depending on the types of trees. Most common trimming methods include density reduction and size management.

Density reduction

Reducing the tree’s volume will help the remaining branches grow stronger. Reducing density diminishes shade under and around the tree, which helps other plants or grass grow. Also, inner twigs will get more sunlight, and eventually, more sun rays will reach your terrace or windows, making your personal space brighter. Trimming low-hanging branches regularly improve visibility while you drive a car. Thinning the canopy will also improve airflow throughout a tree, which improves the tree’s overall health, as well as the air quality.

Size management

Taking care of the tree’s height or width will benefit not just the tree’s welfare, but will also prevent any potential harms that uncontrolled branches may cause to the buildings around. Rubbing against the walls or other solid structures can also cause scratches on the branches, making them sensitive and vulnerable to infections. A variety of insects likes to settle inside weak spots, causing more trouble and further damage. All in total, get rid of the excessed parts on time and save yourself from an unnecessary headache later. A properly-shaped tree is not only more beautiful and eye-catching but also much healthier and stronger than an untreated one.

Professional Tree Trimming

Final Thoughts

As stated above, different trees require different trimming methods, and before that, proper evaluation. The best time to trim a specific tree depends on its age, general health, and growing conditions. Trimming is more than just cutting branches off, and wrong technics can damage a tree instead of benefit it. An arborist has experience and expertise and can do the job in the safest and fastest way. Sometimes, trimming requires special equipment like a ladder or trimming shears, or the branches are too close to the power lines, so it’s best to leave it to professionals.

The benefits of hiring an arborist are numerous. Safety comes first, and tree care experts use specially designed equipment that won’t leave any damage to the trees or your property. Experts from a reliable tree trimming service will properly trim your trees. They will provide the best possible care, including tree maintenance and fertilization, and make sure that they continue to grow strong and healthy for many years.

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