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Trees in Northern Virginia are often affected by destructive insects, lethal bacterial and fungal diseases, animal pests, and viruses (yes, trees can be affected by a virus, just like humans). But don’t worry – the tree doctors at Absolute Tree are here with what you need to know about the worst offenders in our area. And we’re just a call away if your trees need an extra dose of TLC to restore them to full health.

A tree with dead patches in its canopy, signaling a problem.

What’s Causing Dead Patches in Your Tree Canopy?

If your tree’s canopy looks a little bare, it’s likely due to one of these 9 common causes of canopy thinning and foliage loss in northern Virginia trees.
An unhealthy leaf indicating a problem with a tree.

Why Your Trees Will Benefit From an Arborist Assessment Each Season

The benefits of an arborist assessment vary depending on season, but there is never a wrong time to have an arborist inspect the health of your trees.
Flowering crape myrtle.

Battling Bark Scale: Protecting Northern Virginia’s Crape Myrtles

If your crape myrtle is covered in black mold and looking sick, it’s probably a bark scale infestation. Learn how to identify, prevent, and control this destructive pest.
Close-up view of scale insects infesting a tree branch, showing their distinctive small, bumpy appearance.

Scale Insects on Trees: 9 Symptoms to Look for on Northern Virginia Trees

Scale insects are among the hardest to spot and destructive pests that afflict trees and shrubs in Northern Virginia. If left untreated, severe infestations can kill trees. Learn to spot the symptoms of scale insects on trees and save your trees from serious damage.
A stand of tall trees shows the effects of laurel wilt as several laurel tree canopies are sparse and brown next to unaffected species with healthy, green canopies.

Fatal Threat: The Redbay Ambrosia Beetle & Laurel Wilt

The redbay ambrosia beetle is a tiny insect pest that causes big problems for Northern Virginia’s laurels. Unlike other ambrosia…
A rotten trunk

How to Prevent Insect & Disease Problems on Trees

Northern VA trees are susceptible to attack by a myriad of bugs and diseases. Learn the simple steps for preventing insects and diseases from damaging or killing your trees.

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