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tree service

With Fairfax Station, Virginia tree service, you benefit from our“ triple crown ”of care: tree maintenance; emergency response; and growth management. Our service adds a jewel in the crown: dedication to the environment.

tree maintenance

  • Neglected trees suffer far greater damage in the spring and summer storms and freak winters we see. Repairing and restoring damaged trees significantly increases costs. Regularly-scheduled professional tree service saves you money.
  • We intend to nurture a long-lasting relationship with you–and your greenery. A tree is real, not real estate, so you want us to come to know the distinct needs and unique qualities. Healthy trees are an asset and investing in proper Fairfax Station, VA tree service adds value to your property.
  • Your tree service includes the advice of our professional arborists. Your tree service professionals come “armed” with the know-how to care for the specific needs of the hundreds of different varieties that make the Commonwealth lush and welcoming.
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Trust Absolute Tree for all your tree service needs in Alexandria, Virginia.

Our Alexandria Tree Services


    Protect the quality and value of your home or business

    Emergency response

    • Unfortunately, there are times when tree and branch removal is the only option.
    • Count on 24-hour emergency Fairfax Station, VA tree service following one of our fierce wind summer or winter storms, a nearby fire or a fatal disease outbreak. Our field crews always use crane trucks and follow the American National Standard Institution standards of safety and care.
    • Stump removal is an integral part of tree service. We remove all debris from our work.
    • Restoration follows emergency response to storm damage, accident or vandalism. Proper pruning allows the tree to restore its crown and regain its shape.

    growth management

    • Trees need room to grow. They need proper feeding and watering. The crown requires pruning to encourage the beauty of a canopy of green. Aerating encourages healthy growth. Other techniques of Fairfax Station, VA tree service include cleaning: removing dead, dying, or crowded branches from inside the tree.
    • Expert trimming on the outer crown of the tree eliminates weight and strain.
    • Your tree needs light and air moving through its branches in order to thrive. Thinning involves extracting specific inner branches to encourage stimulating light and necessary air flow.
    • For clearance around nearby buildings, parking, driveways and walkways, our experts remove only the most necessary lower branches.
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    Did You Know?

    Did you know there are sixteen different varieties of pines and nine different kinds of oaks native to the Commonwealth? Count on us to know how to care for the specific needs of the hundreds of different varieties that make your property lush and welcoming.