Emergency Tree Removal in Northern Virginia

Call 24/7 for Safe Tree Cleanup

Life can be unpredictable. Especially when it comes to the weather. If strong storms and winds have wreaked havoc on your front lawn and downed your trees or power lines, don’t take it upon yourself to attempt the cleanup. Uprooted trees can cause a pile of damage, especially with utility poles and power service. When you have concerns, play it safe and call Absolute Tree for emergency tree service.

Removing hazardous branches or trunks before more damage develops is what we do—and something you should not. At Absolute Tree, we have trusted, experienced arborists who can flawlessly handle all of your tree removal issues.

Why Us?

We don’t want high-powered storms and crippling winds to leave you up a tree. But when you think about it, they often do! Bad storms always seem to happen at the wrong time—like in the deep, dark of night. When Mother Nature whips in and leaves a path of destruction on your property, Absolute Tree is here for you. We offer emergency tree service to give you total peace of mind and added home security. Just call us and our professionally trained crews will arrive quickly to handle even the most dangerous situation.

We Will “Leave” Your Yard Clean and Safe

Post-storm wreckage coupled with tree trimming can litter your lawn with messy debris. But when you hire Absolute Tree, cleanup is never an issue. Whether your emergency service requires tree felling, stump grinding or tree removal, you can always count on us to leave your outdoor space looking fabulous.

As always, your safety is of utmost importance to us. So, please rely on us when unexpected danger knocks on your door. As always, our goal is to provide top-notch customer service so you experience total satisfaction.

For all of your emergency tree removal needs, call Absolute Tree at 703-969-6207.