Protect Your Trees From Getting Uprooted

Learn About Preserving Tree Life

Residential development is booming. New homes continue to go up at a fast rate and the suburbs keep growing. If your neighborhood falls into this category, you’re probably impacted by daily construction. So, if you have trees, pay attention. Trees can be endangered when proper precautions aren’t taken and construction problems occur. For this reason, trees are protected by tree preservation services. In fact, most counties in Northern Virginia require tree preservation policies to be followed prior to construction or renovation. We can help keep your trees safe from harm.

What Is Tree Preservation?

Before any type of construction or renovation project is started, certain processes and services need to be performed to ensure that your trees have the very best chance for survival. The goal of the entire tree preservation process is to prevent tree damage that could be caused by machinery, soil changes and other construction side effects.

What’s Involved?

When it comes to tree preservation, professional arborists must follow quite a few precautions. These typically include:

  • Deadwood pruning
    The first step involved in a tree preservation project is pruning back dead or dying limbs. This step should be performed carefully by a certified arborist —preferably one who follows the voluntary industry pruning standards known as ANSI A300. Once dead limbs are eliminated, a healthy foundation is ready for the preservation steps that follow.
  • Tree preservation fencing
    Next, trained arborists will surround trees with brightly colored fences to alert workers who operate heavy machinery to keep away. Experts will outline the trees’ critical root zone (CRZ) perimeter so construction workers know where they can and cannot work.
  • Root preparation
    Root pruning and root preparation—such as cushioning the ground-exposed root system with mulch—is always important prior to construction.
  • Compacted soil remediation
    More often than not, the soil and ground surrounding trees is often compacted during construction. To ensure that trees grow safely after construction, irrigating the roots once projects are finished is very important. Irrigating by a trained arborist will allow oxygen and water to once again reach the trees’ roots.

If you have concerns or questions regarding construction that is happening close to your home and tree line, call us at 703-969-6207. Our certified arborists at Absolute Tree can provide advice and estimates for all of your needs.