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Why to Avoid a Cheap Tree Cutting Service

Low prices can catch our attention very quickly, especially when you think you’re scoring a deal on cheap tree cutting service. However, what appears to be a great deal can really leave you burned with costs to correct poor service.

It is important to work with a professional, licensed team for all tree services. Arborists are the true experts in the field, able to diagnose and treat almost all tree related issues.

Don’t let cheap tree service blind you from poor workmanship, torn up yards or uninsured injuries on your property. Reputable, qualified tree services companies are the only way to ensure the job is done right!

Keep reading to learn more about the hidden dangers and costs associated with discount tree companies and how to avoid falling into their trap.

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Uninsured Workers on Your Property

Before hiring any tree service, it is important for homeowners and business owners to verify that arborists and contractors are licensed and insured. Allowing uninsured individuals to complete work on your property leaves you with full liability for their safety.

If an uninsured worker is injured on the job, you will be held legally responsible for those injuries. This is one of the most important reasons to hire a professional tree service company.

When a “guy from the neighborhood” knocks on your door offering a great deal to cut down a tree, you can never be sure of his true intentions, experience or workers compensation coverage. If he injuries himself, the bill is the next thing knocking on your door.

Don’t put yourself at risk of having inexpensive tree removal lead to a tree falling on your home. Agreeing to work with a company because they offer cheap tree service is not enough reason. It could be putting you in a very vulnerable position.

“We’re Not Responsible for Mess or Damage”

This might be the last thing you hear as the team is finishing the job, leaving you with a torn up yard and limbs that cannot be moved without supernatural strength or heavy equipment.

Before agreeing to work with any tree company, get a clear explanation of what your costs cover. It should most definitely cover the clean up and protection of your yard!

When tree services are working with large trees, heavy equipment is typically required to fulfill the project. This heavy equipment includes trucks and cranes that can do serious damage to your yard without the right protection. Make sure there are measures in place to protect your property, especially the work you’ve put in to maintain a pristine lawn.

The last thing you want to do after paying someone to cut down your tree is go out and clean up all the heavy limbs yourself, right? The cheapest tree removal companies aren’t doing any clean up. Once the bare minimum is finished, they walk away leaving you with the mess.

No Accountability or Guarantees

Choosing to work with a reputable company gives you some insurance on the work that is being completed. A team of experts will know how to get the job done correctly.

If something goes wrong after the work is done, give them a call! A professional team will be able to correct the action and own up to any mistakes that may have occurred.

Where are you going to find the guy who knocked on your door, offering to cut the tree down? He’s gone, long gone. And now you need to hire another team to come out for corrective action.

Accountability goes a long way with tree service. When treating concerns like infestation, disease or pruning, it is essential to work with a team who is experienced with local, native issues. An application of bug spray isn’t going to do much for the misdiagnosed disease.

Any professional tree service company will stand behind the work they perform. When an issue arises after the job or if you simply have a question, your reliable arborists are just a phone call away!

Risks of Inexperience

Nothing can replace knowledge and experience in the field, and this is how inexperienced companies can lower their tree cutting service prices. When they don’t have to skill set needed to do the job right, they charge you for the skill level they can provide.

Additionally, a lack of experience can lead to misdiagnosing or incorrectly cutting and pruning a tree. A misdiagnosis can lead to further damage from the actual problem, allowing the issue to linger until accurately detected. Inexperience with tree pruning and cutting will leave you with a damaged tree that won’t blossom or a falling tree landing in the worst place imaginable.

You assume a large amount of risk without checking into the reputable nature of your tree service company. Don’t let cheap tree cutting service leave you with another bill at the end of the day. Hire a professional team that knows how to get the job done right the first time.

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