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Burke, Virginia tree service maintains the charm and history of this formerly rural, forested part of the state. Ours is a legacy of majestic greenery. Protect your piece of that legacy with scheduled managed care, 24-hour emergency service and tree removal. Your mature trees will live longer with management of shape and growth.

Professional Tree Care is Increasingly Important

Silas Burke built his home overlooking the valley of Pohick Creek so that he could enjoy the lushly forested land. In those days, it didn’t matter much that the weather exacted a toll on local trees. Now,

  • Ice storms, branch-breaking heavy snows and temperature extremes tax your trees.
  • The winds and lightening of our springs and summers contribute to a tree “disaster”.

We offer 24-hour emergency Burke, VA tree service including crane removal–hand removal when space is tight–and stump removal.

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Our Alexandria Tree Services


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    Tree Removal is Dangerous Work in the Wrong Hands

    Consumer websites are unanimous in their opinion that tree removal should be left to the professionals. An arborist should be involved to recommend extraction that does not interfere with the roots of remaining trees. Quality tree removal protects structures and neighboring property. Navigating around Burke utility lines and poles is precise work and requires a professional.

    Keeping Your Trees Strong Against All the Elements

    • The signs of disease or infestation must be spot early before it’s too late to save the tree. It’s why regular Burke, VA tree service is increasingly important.
    • Regular care extends the life of your trees. Just as dental checkups avoid root canal, tree tending saves money in the short term and the long run. In the short term, the value of your home or property is enhanced by attractive growth. In the long term, Burke, VA tree service avoids removal and replacement costs.
    • You want us to try to save a tree, which saves you the cost of removal and replacement.
    • You may see a fallen branch and are relieved it missed the porch. We make certain there is not significantly more damage to the health of that tree.
    • Trust our field personnel to see to the vigor of all of your trees.
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    Did You Know?

    Did you know there are sixteen different varieties of pines and nine different kinds of oaks native to the Commonwealth? Count on us to know how to care for the specific needs of the hundreds of different varieties that make your property lush and welcoming.