Help Your Property Look Its Best

Keep Your Tree Care On Schedule

Buying a home is probably one of your biggest investments. So, it’s no surprise you take great pride in your house and property. After all, your curb appeal is the very first thing your visitors notice.

So, what’s the first step? Well, just as you care for the inside of your home, you should also maintain the outside—especially if you ever consider moving. And one great way of upholding the beauty and value of your property is through regular tree care and maintenance. Homeowners who practice annual maintenance can improve their property value by up to 15 percent. Plus, maintenance helps prevent potential risks from dying or diseased trees.

With Us, You’ve Got It Made in the Shade

As experts in all things green, we want to keep your trees and foliage healthy, shapely and beautiful all year round. Our trained and skilled arborists can provide the following tree maintenance and fertilization services:

  • Pruning and trimming: Pruning promotes healthier trees. The removal of dead and dying branches is essential for stimulating new growth. With the removal of dying branches, sunlight and air allows the tree to breathe and grow new branches. Pruning also assists in better tree structure, resulting in a longer life for your foliage.
  • Insect protection: Our experts can inspect your trees for infestation and disease. Prevention and yearly checks will help keep foliage healthy for years to come.
  • Tree shaping: We can easily remove branches and limbs that are throwing off your trees’ balance and structure. Shaping helps prevent uneven growth so trees don’t weaken and topple during high winds and storms.
  • Deep root fertilization: Just like flowers need plant food, trees need to eat, too! Deep root fertilization feeds your trees with nutrients called humates and potash deep below their root systems.

Some benefits of this type of fertilization include:

  • Increased aeration and oxygen in the soil
  • Breakdown of organic material into absorbable nutrients
  • Proper pH or acid balance
  • Healthier, stronger trees

Carve Some Time for Tree Care

If you’ve experienced tree issues such as disease and pest infestation through the years, it’s probably due to lack of attention. Don’t risk losing your trees to something that can easily be treated. Call Absolute Tree for yearly maintenance today.

Our services can:

  • Boost property value
  • Improve the beauty and shape of your trees
  • Remove hazards and increase your home’s safety
  • Keep trees healthy and encourage new growth

Sound good? Call our expert tree surgeons at 703-969-6207 today!