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I've used Absolute Tree for major work at my house. They are very professional, protect my yard and make dangerous trees disappear. I highly recommend them for any tree work.

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What to Expect 

When you hire Absolute Tree for tree fertilization, you're hiring a professional team of tree health experts whose goal is to keep your trees lush, green, and looking their best. Our tree professionals will thoroughly assess your trees and their fertilization needs, considering soil type, nutrient deficiencies, pest infestations, and more. We use this information to recommend a customized tree nutrition plan to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and thriving.

Keep Your Tree Care on Schedule

Buying a home is probably one of your biggest investments. So, it’s no surprise you take great pride in your house and property. After all, your curb appeal is the very first thing your visitors notice.

So, what’s the first step? Well, just as you care for the inside of your home, you should also maintain the outside—especially if you ever consider moving. And one great way of upholding the beauty and value of your property is through regular tree care, including soil improvement and a fertilization program. Homeowners who practice annual tree maintenance can improve their property value by up to 15 percent. Plus, proper tree nutrition and healthy soil helps prevent potential risks from dying or diseased trees.

Deep Root Fertilization For Lush, Green Foliage

Just like people need food, trees need to eat, too! Deep root fertilization feeds your trees with nutrients called humates and potash deep below their root systems. This specialized type of fertilization for your trees and shrubs comes with numerous benefits (you can't get these by just scattering granular fertilizer around your yard!).


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By injecting our custom fertilizer blend into the soil, it increases soil aeration and makes more oxygen available for the tree.


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Putting liquid fertilizer into the soil helps to break down organic material into nutrients the tree can easily absorb.

Soil Quality

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Different tree species need different soil pH levels to thrive. Deep root fertilization helps balance soil acid levels to give trees the environment they need.


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By giving trees the mix of nutrients they most need, right where they need it (the root zone!), we help grow stronger, healthier trees.

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Why Fertilize?

If you’ve experienced tree issues such as disease and pest infestation through the years, it’s probably due to lack of attention. Don’t risk losing your trees to something that can easily be treated. Call Absolute Tree for yearly maintenance today.

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Boost property value

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Improve the beauty and shape of your trees

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Remove hazards and increase your home’s safety

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Keep trees healthy and encourage new growth

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Signs Your Trees Need Fertilization

Your trees can't talk, but that doesn't mean they can't tell you what they need. When your plants aren't getting the nutrients they need from the soil, deep-root fertilization can replenish your trees with the nutrition they lack. Look for these signs – they mean your tree is letting you know it needs some help!

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Poor leaf color – pale green or yellow

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Reduced leaf size

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Premature leaf drop off

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Reduced twig and branch growth

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Overall reduced growth


Why Hire Absolute Tree for Fertilization?


Eco Science products that work the entire year


A thorough analysis of your tree's fertilization needs


Fast turnaround on quotes and service


Caring communication


You'll see the same crews each time we visit


We do it ALL!

Growing Healthy Trees Across Northern Virginia

We are available for fertilization and soil improvement service in the Northern Virginia area, including the following cities:

If you'd like a tree inspection to determine whether your trees would benefit from a fertilization program or a free estimate for a tree nutrition plan, give us a call at 703-969-6207 or use our online request form.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Fertilization

If you have trees, you might need to fertilize them. Trees that grow in forests and woodlands get nutrients from their soil, but the soil in urban and suburban areas is nothing like native soils. Here's how it's different:

Soil is Compacted

Tree roots struggle to grow in compacted soil because they can’t penetrate the heavy material. Water either runs off compacted soil or collects and doesn’t drain.

It’s Really Subsoil, Not Topsoil

When developers build urban and suburban areas, they may use the subsoil from excavation as landscape soil. Unlike topsoil, this subsoil has few to no nutrients and can't support healthy tree and plant growth.

Soil is Depleted

In undisturbed forests, fallen leaves, twigs, and fruit collect on the ground. All this nutrient-rich organic matter breaks down into the soil for tree roots to use. Sadly, this is all raked up and thrown away in urban areas.

structure, fertility, and water-holding ability.

We use tree and shrub fertilizers to help trees stay healthy in urban soils. We use soil amendments for long-term soil improvement. Though they provide similar results, the two things are different.


Fertilizers are fast-acting nutrient sources that may be liquid, granular, or slow-release pellets. The nutrients in these fertilizers dissolve in water, and tree roots take them up for the tree to use.

Soil Amendments

Compost and other soil conditioners contain well-decayed organic matter, such as green waste and animal manure. Adding this to your soil improves the soil's long-term

Many fertilizers are called "synthetic" because they're created or synthesized from inorganic chemical sources. This differs from an "organic" soil amendment or fertilizer made from organic matter, meaning things that were once alive (for example, leaves, wood, animal manure). Synthetic fertilizers generally work more quickly than organic fertilizers but don't have long-term benefits for soil or plant health.

When your trees lack the nutrients they need, they struggle to grow. You'll see several symptoms, including:

  • Stunted growth – When a tree can’t get all the nutrients it needs, it will slow its growth to conserve energy.
  • Thin or patchy foliage – A tree lacking nutrients will cut off resources to twigs and branches to conserve energy.
  • Yellow leaves – Nutrient deficiency appears in a tree's leaves, making them yellow instead of healthy green.
  • Dropped leaves – Your tree may drop leaves during the growing season when it doesn’t have enough nutrients and food energy to support them.
  • Insects and diseases – A stressed tree has fewer natural defenses and is more susceptible to insect pest attacks.

Your tree will keep trying to grow even when it’s lacking vital nutrients, but its long-term health won’t be good. The combination of stunted growth and chronic nutrient stress during growing seasons will shorten its lifespan significantly.

Many homeowners compound the problem by mistaking the signs of nutrient deficiency for water stress and overwatering the tree. Or they over-prune, thinking this will stimulate more growth (it won't).

If you’re a homeowner buying packaged fertilizer, follow the instructions on the label. More is not better!

Signs of Overfertilization

When you give your tree too much fertilizer, you’ll see several symptoms, including:

  • Brown leaf edges or leaf tips
  • Yellow, limp leaves
  • Leaf drop

To a homeowner, these symptoms can look just like signs of nutrient deficiency! Instead of guessing, ask a professional for help.


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