Trees Add Value to Property

Understanding How Much Trees Add Value to Property

Money may not grow on trees, but property value sure does!

Have you ever wondered if trees add value to property? As homeowners, we typically keep our eyes and ears peeled for tricks and tips on how to increase home value. Of course renovations and remodels always do the trick, but the costs can be hard to swallow.

When your home is on the market, first impressions can be a game changer. If you can capture the needs and attention of potential buyers BEFORE they even enter the house, you’re already ahead of the game. This is where the value of trees comes into play.

Keep reading to understand how trees can significantly increase property value over time and learn how easy it is invigorate your home’s worth by planting trees!

Does Landscaping Increase Property Value?

In short: Yes, landscaping increases property value. We can all grasp the value of beautifully maintained gardens, meticulously groomed shrubs and a well-manicured lawn. But these are short-term landscaping efforts.

Depending on the season and greenery, flowers, shrubs and lawns are groomed at least monthly if not weekly. So easily we forget that trees, slow-growing shade-bearing oxygen-transporting trees, are the exotic tree of the well landscaped home. There is no quick fix or substitute for a vigorous, healthy tree.

In terms of value, research by the Arbor Day Foundation revealed, “a mature tree can often have an appraised value of between $1,000 and $10,000.”

While this post highlights the benefits to homeowners, the same benefits apply to business owners as well. An upheld business image begins with the exterior, welcoming customers, clients and visitors before they enter the door.

You Need to Think Long Term

You may be thinking “I won’t be selling my home for at least 30 years. I don’t need to worry about increasing the value yet,” but you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Think about the lifespan of a tree and the time required to reach full maturity. Those fully grown trees, delivering adequate shading, oxygen and landscaping appeal, are the most valuable trees on your property.

So you should be thinking to yourself “I have 30 years to let my trees grow and increase in value, AND I get to relish all the benefits along the way!” Think of tree landscaping like marathon training. It takes patience and nurturing attention, whether that goal is a robust oak tree or a 26-mile run.

But Why Are Trees So Valuable?

Including trees in your landscape plan is a full-package, delivering an array of benefits. Soak in these value-delivering aspects by planting them on your property:

  • Energy Efficiency: Trees act as a base layer of weather protection when surrounding a building, translating to energy efficiency. Blocking sunrays, your home uses less energy to cool in the summer. During the heavy winds of winter, trees also act as a windbreak to keep the building warm.

According to the USDA Forest Service, “trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30% and can save 20-50% in energy used for heating.”

  • Shade Trees: Never underestimate the power of shade! There will always be enough sun to go around, so create balance by creating shady spots on your property. In addition to shading your home, trees can overshadow a patio for summer get-togethers, create shady patches to keep dogs cool or even keep you out of the sun during the annual horseshoe competition!
  • Privacy: We want our homes to be intimate and comfortable, free of unwelcome attention spying on your every move. Trees act as highly effective privacy barriers, more effective than fences alone. Lounge contently inside and outdoors without any unwanted eyes peering in.
  • Urban Runoff: Pollution is no stranger to our homes, especially in urban areas. A popular urban landscaping trend is planting street trees, trees that are strategically placed close to the road to filter storm runoff and other debris. Street trees are significantly valuable to both homeowners and the environment, but need to be very strategically planted.

Plain and simple, a well-maintained yard sends the signal to potential buyers that you tenderly cared for and up kept the home in a remarkable condition. It also alerts the gardening hobbyist that the ground is supportive of plant growth!

Work with a Professional

Landscaping a yard with multiple trees in not an amateur job. Improperly placing and planting could leave you digging deep in pockets for maintenance and removal costs. If it’s done right, it only needs to be done once!

Certified arborists are professionally trained and knowledgeable in tree planting, assessing your specific property for prime tree development. Industry experience provides them with tactical expertise leading to optimal growth.

For example, trees should be planted on the south and west facing sides of the home in order to deliver maximum energy-saving shade. A certified arborist will evaluate your goals for tree planting and develop a comprehensive plan for placement.

Maintaining Those Money Trees

Now before you run off and schedule an appointment with your local tree company, take a minute to absorb the responsibility that comes along with maintaining trees. It is far from overbearing, but absolutely vital to ensure that added value.

Just as quickly as a towering, healthy tree draws positive attention, weak and damaged trees imminently make maintenance bills appear in the minds of potential buyers. Not a single person wants to clean up the mess left behind from negligent tree care, so make sure you’re up to the task!

By simply scheduling annual tree maintenance inspections, you can catch almost any potentially debilitating issue before it becomes full blown. Certified arborists will ensure trees are receiving adequate sun and nutrients, recommend trimming and pruning work and check for any signs of infestation or disease.

Call Absolute Tree Service, Inc. & Speak with Certified Arborists!

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