Are Your Damaged Trees Putting You In Danger?

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When a storm knocks your trees around, it can be difficult to determine if they have been damaged enough to pose a real threat. The same goes for exposed roots or possible tree disease. How do you know when the trees on your property have become hazards? We’ll tell you. Simply call in the experts at Absolute Tree for a risk assessment. Whatever your concerns may be, our certified risk assessors will inspect your trees and provide you with a thorough assessment.

Watch Out: These Signs Mean Trouble

It isn’t always clear when the trees on your property become hazards. But when you start to worry about your home’s safety, it’s time to call in the experts. A professional tree service expert can swing in and provide an in-depth tree inspection and risk assessment. Trained experts know where to look for tree weakness, disease or underlying root issues.

Common signs and possible hazards include:

Signs of TroubleWhy is it a hazard
Dead patches of treesDead limbs and branches may fall at any time without warning
Woodpecker holesTrees could have internal tree rot and collapse
Recent ice or snowstormBranches may snap or develop cracks; trees can be uprooted.
Exposed rootsUnderground pipes or the home's foundation could be at risk; exposed roots also pose tripping hazards.
Diseased treesTrees with diseases become weakened—sometimes with no warnings to homeowners. Weakened trees can fall without notice.

It’s for Your Own Protection

Did you know over 100 people are killed by trees each year in the U.S.? While these deaths are rare, they do happen. So, we don’t want it happening to you. We can’t stress enough how important tree safety is. Trees that are possible safety hazards should always be inspected by a fully licensed, insured and certified arborist.

To prevent accidents and secure your home’s safety, call Absolute Tree at 703-969-6207 for any tree concerns or services you may need!