Why Your Trees Will Benefit From an Arborist Assessment Each Season

With the changing seasons in Northern Virginia come new opportunities to take care of your trees and deal with any issues before they become serious. When you want up-to-date information on your trees and how to care for them, look no further than an arborist assessment. There are many benefits of an arborist assessment, and an assessment can be the difference between healthy and unhealthy trees.

Each season presents different reasons to hire a local northern Virginia tree service company to conduct a thorough arborist assessment of your trees. For example, an arborist can provide insight and recommendations on how to handle hazardous trees, dead branches, necessary pruning work, pest infestations, and fertilization issues.

Key Takeaways

  • Spring arborist assessments can check for signs of disease and pest infestation, recommend appropriate treatments to promote tree growth and vitality, and ensure your trees receive proper hydration and nutrition.
  • During the summer, an arborist assessment may include an evaluation of overall tree health and hydration needs, identify nutrient deficiencies, providing guidance on proper pruning techniques, and promote tree growth and prevent diseases.
  • Autumn offers arborists an opportunity to assess a tree’s condition before winter, identify dead or dying branches, remove potential hazards, shape trees for winter months, and ensure tree health and safety.
  • Arborist assessments in winter can identify tree breakage risks from snow and ice, prevent potential hazards to property, and ensure tree health during harsh winter months.

An arborist from Absolute Tree in northern Virginia handles the assessment of a tree in need of special attention.

Arborists Assessments: What They Look Like

During an arborist assessment, a qualified arborist will visit your property and give you a broad view of any potential hazards with your trees. One of the primary benefits of an arborist assessment is that it covers a wide range of issues with your tree.

Our arborists at Absolute Tree will take a survey and point out any issues regarding tree damage, compromised structure, root problems, diseases, and anything else that puts the tree and anyone nearby in danger. Large, unstable trees can lead to serious injury if left untreated.

After the arborist concludes their assessment, they will decide what to do with any of your dangerous trees. They may suggest the removal of the entire tree if it is too far gone, or they may decide to administer care to nurse it back to health.

Benefits of an Arborist Assessment

During an arborist assessment, they may suggest actions to take to regularly care for your trees to ensure they remain healthy and vibrant for years to come. Trees provide numerous benefits to your property and the environment, so it’s important to take steps to ensure their longevity and vitality. Some of the work we may recommend after an assessment includes:

  • Pruning: Regular pruning helps remove dead or diseased branches, promotes proper structure, and enhances the overall appearance of your trees.
  • Watering: Although trees in Northern Virginia are generally able to withstand periods of drought, they still require regular watering, especially during dry spells. Ensure that your trees receive about 1 inch of water per week, either from rainfall or supplemental irrigation. Our arborists can determine if your tree is receiving enough water during an assessment.
  • Fertilizing: A balanced fertilizer can provide essential nutrients that may be lacking in the soil, promoting healthy growth and increased resistance to diseases and pests.
  • Inspections for Pests: Regular inspections by an arborist can help identify any potential issues early on. They can assess the overall health of your trees, spot signs of disease or pest infestation, and recommend appropriate treatments if necessary.
  • Prevent Injury: A weak tree can cause damage to property or people, and regular tree inspections can reduce liability and help protect you and others from falling debris.

A tree at its full bloom.

Reasons to Have a Spring Arborist Assessment

  • Identify and address issues early: An arborist can inspect your trees in spring and identify any potential problems like pests, diseases, or structural issues before they worsen. This allows for early intervention and treatment, which is more effective than waiting for problems to worsen.
  • Prepare trees for the growing season: Arborists can recommend pruning, fertilizing, or other care to ensure your trees are healthy and able to thrive during the active spring and summer growth periods.
  • Prevent safety hazards: An assessment can identify weak, damaged, or unstable branches that could pose a safety risk, especially during severe spring weather. The arborist can recommend removal or mitigation to minimize the risk to your home and family.
  • Improve long-term tree health: Addressing issues in spring, when trees are emerging from dormancy, allows them to focus their energy on healthy growth rather than fighting problems.
  • Ensure proper tree care: An arborist can provide expert guidance on the specific needs of different tree species and recommend the right fertilizers, watering schedule, and other maintenance needs for your trees.
  • Avoid legal/financial liability: A professional tree risk assessment can document the condition of your trees, which can protect you legally if a tree fails and causes damage.

Overall, a spring arborist assessment helps identify and resolve tree health problems early, prepare trees for the growing season, and ensure the long-term vitality and safety of your trees. This proactive approach is more effective than waiting until issues become severe.

PRO TIP: You should leave major tree pruning to an expert, as improper technique can lead to more damage to the tree in the long-run.

Summer Arborist Assessments: Issues it Can Catch

In summer, an arborist can assess the overall health of your trees, including their hydration needs and nutrient deficiencies. This is equally important during droughts and heat waves, though much of northern Virginia, such as Alexandria, typically has regular rainfall during the summers.

During the summer, regular maintenance should include pruning to remove any dead or diseased branches. This will help prevent the spread of diseases and pests. One of the biggest benefits of an arborist assessment and regular pruning is to thin out dense foliage to improve air circulation and light penetration throughout the canopy.

Autumn Arborist Assessments and Their Benefits

In autumn, an arborist can evaluate the condition of your trees before harsh winter weather arrives. They can identify any dead or dying branches you should remove to prevent potential hazards.

Pruning during this time should be minimal to avoid stimulating new growth that may be damaged by frost. It’s also a good idea to consult with an arborist to assess the overall health of your trees and address any potential issues before winter arrives.

This snow-covered tree is ready for an arborist assessment.

Is an arborist assessment beneficial in northern Virginia in the winter?

The dormant winter season provides the optimal conditions for a comprehensive arborist assessment that can identify issues, improve safety, and set the stage for the tree’s healthy growth in the upcoming spring and summer. Here are some of the many benefits of having an arborist inspect your trees in winter:

  • Easier to identify issues: With the trees in a dormant, leafless state, arborists can more easily spot problems like dead or hazardous limbs, structural issues, and evidence of pests and diseases.
  • Reduced damage to the tree: Pruning and other tree work done in the winter, when the tree is dormant, causes less damage and allows the tree to focus its energy on healing rather than growth.
  • Enhanced safety: Identifying and removing weak or damaged branches in the winter prevents them from breaking and falling during winter storms, reducing the risk of property damage or personal injury.
  • Lower risk of disease spread: The cold winter temperatures make it less likely for pests and diseases to spread during the tree assessment and when any necessary treatments are performed.
  • Minimal impact on surrounding plants: With the landscape in a dormant state, the tree assessment and any subsequent work is less likely to disturb or damage nearby shrubs, gardens, and other vegetation.
  • Improved spring appearance: An assessment will identify any problematic branches that should be pruned or removed in the winter, allowing the tree to allocate resources more efficiently, promoting healthier growth, and resulting in a lusher canopy in the spring.
  • Availability and scheduling: Tree care companies are often less busy in the winter, making it easier to schedule an assessment and get the work done promptly.

In winter, an arborist can assess if your trees are prone to breakage due to heavy snowfall or ice accumulation. They can identify weak branches or structural defects that may pose a risk to your property and can help prevent damage to your trees.

You’ll want to consult an arborist about any potential signs of damage to your trees that they can deal with as soon as possible.

Call Absolute Tree When You Need an Arborist Assessment

Regular arborist assessments will leave you with healthier and more beautiful trees. Each season comes with different benefits for arborist assessments, and our team will tell you when the best time may be for a checkup on the health of your trees.
If you are having issues with your trees, or you just want to avoid any problems before they occur, we can help. Our team at Absolute Tree is ready to assist you at a moment’s notice. Call us at 703-969-6207 or request an estimate today.

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Over the last 19 years, Absolute Tree has grown a reputation as one of the premier tree service companies in the Northern Virginia areas. And there’s a good reason for this—we love trees and our passion for them shows. When you call on Absolute Tree for tree service, you aren’t just getting “some guys who cut down trees.” You’re hiring highly skilled arborists who understand the growth of trees and consider tree care an art form.

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Over the last 19 years, Absolute Tree has grown a reputation as one of the premier tree service companies in the Northern Virginia areas. And there’s a good reason for this—we love trees and our passion for them shows. When you call on Absolute Tree for tree service, you aren’t just getting “some guys who cut down trees.” You’re hiring highly skilled arborists who understand the growth of trees and consider tree care an art form.

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