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Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Snow Removal Services in Virginia

Commercial snow removal services in Virginia are vital for almost all businesses. Winter can be a rough season, blasting us with inches of snow and ice. We rely on snow plowing to remove and melt build-up on sidewalks and driveways, making it safe to travel.

Planning ahead and securing a snow removal company can save headaches, preventing a panic when the first snowstorm comes to town. Our tips for selecting the best snow removal companies can help protect your business and ensure quality service.

Continue reading to learn about the qualities of a professional snow removal company and how to protect your business from pitfalls along the way.

Find Contractors Qualified for the Job

Experience matters when it comes to commercial snow removal that typically requires heavy equipment and snowplows. Without the knowledge and skill, snow removal companies could end up damaging your property.

When inquiring about snow related services, ask the company about their experience in the field. How many years have they been performing the service? Are they familiar with properties like yours?

Don’t trust the safety of your business to unqualified workers. Ask if your snow removal contractor is a Certified Snow Professional or a member of the Snow & Ice Management Association.

Protect Yourself with an Insured Team

Have you ever asked your snow removal company about insurance? If you haven’t, start now. Hiring an insured team is the best way to protect against damages.

While we hope it never happens, snowplows can drive over and demolish parts of your property hidden by snow. Make sure guidelines are set for any damage the team causes to your property. Sidewalks and curbs can quickly be buried in a heavy snowfall.

Even worse, consider the safety of the snow removal team. If the team isn’t insured, your company can be held liable for any and all injuries. Any professional team should be proud to show proof of insurance, so feel free to ask!

Clarify Scope of Services

At the time of service arrangement, be sure to get clarification (in writing is even better) of what responsibilities are included in your snow removal company’s prices.

Commercial snow removal can cover a wide range of areas like driveway/parking lot clearing, shoveling walkways, applying ice melt and more. Make sure all your needs are fulfilled, and don’t pay for services that your business doesn’t require!

You want make sure the snow removal team prepares the area for functional business. Customers, guests and employees should be able to safely park and walk to the building. Major signs should not be hidden by snow and plowed snow should not block pathways.

Confirm On-Demand Service

When a snowstorm hits, snow removal companies become one of the most popular businesses in town. Be sure to discuss what priority your business has when these situations hit.

If you have an apartment complex that tenants need to access at all times, you may require pressing service. Office buildings that need the top floor of the parking garage cleared may be less urgent.

Either way, determine the reasonable level of service required for your business and ensure the snow removal team can meet it. Many companies offer emergency service for when you need it most.

Commercial Snow Removal from Absolute Tree!

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Absolute Tree Service, Inc. performs commercial snow removal in Northern Virginia, including Alexandria, Arlington, Springfield, McLean, Fairfax, Reston, Falls Church and the surrounding areas. We perform professional snow removal for commercial and industrial customers. Give us a call to learn more about snow removal or any of our tree services!

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