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Healthy, beautiful trees are a treasure, but few homeowners have the tools or knowledge to handle tree problems such as overgrowth, fallen limbs, old stumps and insect infestation. You don’t need to handle these maintenance issues alone. Our arborists at Absolute Tree are highly trained professionals who can take care of all of your tree needs in and around Richmond, VA. We’ll keep your landscape safe, healthy and beautiful.

Our Services

Emergency tree service

Absolute Tree is at your service promptly when you need emergency tree removal in the Richmond, VA, area due to storm damage or other urgent issues. Uprooted trees can cause a pile of damage, especially when utility poles and power service are involved. Count on our emergency tree service to clear away fallen limbs and ensure your property is safe, so you have total peace of mind.

Post-storm wreckage can litter your lawn with messy debris. But when you hire Absolute Tree, cleanup is never an issue. Whether your emergency service requires tree felling, stump grinding or tree removal, you can always count on us to leave your outdoor space looking fabulous.

New customers enjoy 10% off their first service!

Tree trimming/pruning

Our arborists are experts in tree care, maintenance, trimming and pruning, to achieve the best aesthetics for your landscape while protecting the health of your beautiful VA trees, along with numerous other benefits. Proper pruning isn’t just a matter of cutting back those unruly limbs that jut out in odd directions. If done properly and carefully, with skill and art, your trees will flourish. Annual pruning improves flowering and fruit production, reduces wind resistance, strengthens the tree’s structure and opens your property to more sunlight and air exposure.

Tree removal

Our professionally trained crews also provide tree removal service in several VA counties to improve the curb appeal, safety and open space in your landscape. We clear away fallen trees and tree limbs, and we also provide stump removal service. Damaged trees are dangerous—do not attempt tree felling on your own. Our tree surgeons have the skills and equipment to remove them safely and efficiently.

Tree disease and insect control

Trees get sick, too. If you have a diseased tree on your property, its ailment can spread to your entire grove and result in permanent damage. There are many diseases that can attack your remaining treeline, such as a fungus, bacteria or virus. If you notice spotted leaves or strange growths on your tree limbs, don’t panic. Our tree doctors can easily determine your tree’s disease and the proper solutions.

Absolute Tree also performs mosquito sprays to control the mosquito population in your yard and protect your family and visitors.

Tree fertilization and preservation

Just like flowers need plant food, trees need to eat, too! Deep root fertilization feeds your trees with nutrients called humates and potash deep below their root systems. Preserving your trees increases your property value and helps prevent potential risks from dying or diseased trees. Fertilizing your trees makes them healthier and stronger because it increases aeration and oxygen in the soil, helps break down organic material in the soil into absorbable nutrients and ensures proper PH balance.

We also provide plant health care services for the other shrubbery in your landscape.

Tree risk assessment

If you are concerned about whether a tree on your property is hazardous, our certified risk assessors will do an inspection and provide you with a thorough assessment. If a storm damaged your trees or you see dead patches, exposed roots or signs of disease, call our tree experts to determine whether there’s trouble. A certified arborist should inspect any potentially weak or diseased trees to prevent accidents and protect your home’s safety.

Snow removal

Don’t let snow prevent your business from opening its doors. Our commercial snow removal service will take care of all of your snow challenges, including snow shoveling, blowing, plowing and removal. We can schedule automatic visits, so you don’t need to call us. We clear snow for office buildings and complexes, schools and churches, retail stores, hotels and motels, apartments and condominiums, industrial parking and loading zones and more.

    Firewood delivery

    If you burn firewood to heat your home, call Absolute Tree to deliver it! We can cut, bundle and deliver directly to your home. The locally sourced, split and seasoned firewood is clean, insect-free and dry. Our easy-order bundles are available in half cords, full cords or bulk.

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