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Call now, if you need Kensington MD tree service. Whether you are in need of an emergency removal or need fertilization, you have found the most respected local company. Our certified arborists are here to help you maintain the health and beauty of your saplings and towering spruces – and the safety of your property.

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Our Kensington MD tree service works with every variety of specimens, both deciduous and coniferous, in Lower Montgomery County, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Your trees add to the value and beauty of your property and they help to cleanse the air that we all breathe. So making it a priority to keep them healthy, verdant, and thriving is not only practical but essential.

Whether you have a couple of decorative dogwoods growing in your backyard or you are cultivating an orchard of pear trees to sell fruit at the local market, taking care of your trees is vital to maintaining their value and the value that they contribute to all of us.

The arborists of our Kensington MD tree service can assist you with:

  • Periodic or annual inspections
  • Trimming, pruning and pollarding
  • Specimen and stump removals
  • Soil testing and customized fertilization
  • Treatments for pests or diseases
  • Woodland and orchard management
  • Emergency removals and call out services


Periodic or annual inspections will allow you to take a proactive approach to maintaining health and defending against any developing issues.


Trimming, pruning, and pollarding will allow you to maintain the best possible shape of your trees, keep their branches away from power lines and rooftops, and prevent them from growing beyond the height limits imposed by an HOA or other community board.


Our Kensington MD tree service also performs stump and complete tree removals, which allows you to eliminate problematic, deteriorating or dead trees from your property as well as their unsightly stumps.


Soil testing and customized fertilization services are available to help you create the environment for your trees to thrive. Without properly-balanced pH levels, specimens will not flourish.


Treating affected and unaffected greenery for insect infestations and diseases will prevent the spread of these serious problems.

Woodlot Management

Allowing our Kensington MD tree service team to manage your woodlands and orchards will provide you with the reassurance that your forested areas will remain properly nourished, healthy and strong.

24/7 Emergency Services

Our emergency removal and call out services are available to you 24 hours a day/7 days a week. If a limb has cracked and fallen onto your rooftop; if lightning struck and brought an entire tree down upon your property; call immediately for an ANSI safety-trained emergency crew.

Handling an emergency felling is something that should be left to trained professionals – especially if any part of the tree has landed on your home or business property. Great care must be taken during the removal process, because fallen branches and whole trees can be resting in dangerous and unpredictable positions.

  • Our team is equipped with a crane and other specialty tools to ensure that your emergency services are performed safely
  • We are licensed and insured to cover any damage or injuries, although you will be happy to know that we have maintained a spotless safety record since the day we went into business!
  • Handling a removal yourself can lead to serious physical injuries and extensive property damage
  • The crews who come to your home or property strictly adhere to industry safety guidelines and the methods.

If you have a troublesome tree, or you want to keep trouble away, call immediately and schedule your free on-site estimate.

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