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Our Fairfax, Virginia tree service preserves the health of your greenery, customizes selection and planting, and provides practiced safety and efficiency in tree and stump removal. 24-hour emergency service, seasoned arborists, and dedicated professionalism define the tree service you can expect.

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Trees gave Fairfax, VA its start. The city got its name from Thomas Fairfax, who settled here after King Charles awarded him five million forested acres here in Northern Virginia.

In terms of trees, preservation means protecting the health and proper growth of your greenery. It’s a great joy to keep alive your century-old Oak and continue the usefulness of the aging Ash in your Fairfax yard. Health and growth management is essential tree service from sapling to soaring timber.

How Fairfax, VA tree service manages health and growth

  • Providing proper light and air
  • Protecting against pests and disease
  • Insuring room to grow
  • Rehabilitating damage
  • Tree removal

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a tool for managing the health and growth of surrounding trees. Removing dying and diseased varieties allows the remaining growth to survive and thrive.

Essential light and air

Providing light and proper air usually involves a technique called “thinning”. An arborist determines which inner branches can be removed to ensure the sunlight and airflow that guarantees strong growth.

Protecting against pests and disease

To guard against pests, spraying and other methods protect growth, and are very safe for humans and other greenery when applied by expert hands.

One of the best defenses against disease is good health. Tree service dedicated to health maintenance provides that safeguard. Of course, there are other methods when disease threatens or attacks and arborists keep abreast of the latest techniques to ensure up-to-date Fairfax, VA tree service.

Room to grow

Removing stumps and dead roots ensures nearby roots have room to spread and grow. If crowding becomes an issue, arborists determine which growth can yield way. Landscape planning is an essential part of Fairfax, VA tree service. A good plan can eliminate removal in future years.

Rehabilitating damage

A technique known as crown restoration Crown Restoration involves pruning to eliminate dead and dying branches, as well as to establish the direction limbs will grow. It restores the shape of trees badly damaged by wing, lightening, and accident.

Arranging Fairfax, VA tree service has never been simpler. One phone call brings a free estimate and the reassurance of professional, yet affordable care.

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