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Our Chevy Chase MD tree service offers you a wide range of arborist services, from inspections to maintaining health and growth, to stump grinding. Whether you need professional care for your newly-planted saplings, or require emergency assistance to deal with a large limb that has fallen on your property, call now.

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You can have emergency Chevy Chase MD tree service at any hour of the day, 7 days a week to deal with unexpected circumstances. Aged, deteriorated, and dying trees can be unpredictable, and fall without showing a single indication that there’s a problem.

  • Heavy rains can saturate the soil
  • High winds challenge the integrity of rotted roots
  • Excessive snowfall weighs down weakened branches
  • Lightning severs or splits healthy limbs or trunks
  • Sometimes, age and weight simply bring it down

The Chevy Chase MD Tree Service to Keep Your Trees Thriving

Keeping your trees healthy is the best way to avoid disease and disaster. Why risk costly home or property repairs and damaging personal injury lawsuits? If you have an old, misshapen, or questionable tree growing on your property, have our arborist come to assess its health. From fertilization to growth management, you will be protecting the future of your greenery.

If you have an old oak, a monumental magnolia or dogwood in decline, call now. Our professional arborist will perform a thorough inspection that could help you avoid costly catastrophes. You will find out what’s needed to keep them healthy, or options for removal.

  • We serve residential and commercial property owners in Northern Virginia as well as Lower Montgomery County, Maryland.
  • We are here to keep you, your family, visitors to your property, and your customers safe.

If Your Tree Has Fallen

Our highly-trained Chevy Chase MD tree service crews will safely remove any fallen or dead trees from your property as well as any fallen limbs, adhering to (ANSI) industry best practices for safety. Because we are licensed and insured, you never have to worry about any liability for accidents or injuries while a crew is working on your property.

  • We are proud to report a clear, injury-free record along with a zero complaint status with the Better Business Bureau for as long as the company has been in business. That’s evidence that you can count on both safety and customer service.

Contact the Pros

As emergency Chevy Chase MD tree service providers, we ask that you please refrain from attempting to remove the debris and fallen timber from your property on your own. Removal must be performed very systematically, and great care must be taken when determining where and how a branch or trunk must be cut in order to ensure the safety of the people and property that are within the proximity of the clean up.

Detecting the Symptoms of a Problem

  • Leaning of any kind
  • Imbalanced and irregular limb growth
  • Cracks in the main stem (trunk) or branches
  • Loosened soil or cracked earth at the base of the tree
  • Denuded branches or large patches of missing bark
  • Barren limbs or diminished foliage production
  • Fungi or mushrooms growing on the body of the tree or at its base

Not all trees will demonstrate obvious signs of distress. However, if you notice any of the indications, contact us immediately. It is, after all, much better to avoid a catastrophe than to deal with one.

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