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You have found the Bethesda MD tree service that will take extraordinary care of the trees on your property – keeping them both healthy and safe. From backyards to orchards to woodlots, you will have the services of a certified arborist and a superbly-trained staff with decades of experience.

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Our Bethesda MD tree service has a reputation that is as good as it gets. Let our team care for your wooded lot or individual trees.

  • We have an impeccable rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Rated the area’s top local tree company for five years running.
  • All employees are trained in and follow ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards.
  • Serving the Northern Virginia region along with Lower Montgomery County, Maryland.

If your dogwoods, magnolias, hemlocks or pines are beginning to overgrow, crack your sidewalks or show signs of distress, contact our professional team immediately. Do not overlook any obvious problems. Your home and your livelihood are too valuable to risk.

Call our Bethesda MD tree service now for the variety of services that you need to maintain the peak health of your decorative and fruit-bearing varieties.

  • Emergency treatments and removals
  • pH balanced fertilization
  • Pest and disease treatments
  • Tree and trunk removals
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Orchard and woodlot management

Customized Fertilization

The health of your trees is heavily dependent on the quality of the soil that they are planted in. Without the proper nutrients and pH balance, your fruit-bearing specimens will languish and produce less fruit or poor-quality fruit. Decorative greenery will wind up stunted and suffer through seasons of slow growth and foliage discoloration, until the appropriate nutrients and pH balance have been returned to the soil. Of course, the greatest risk is that the lack of nutrients or imbalanced acid/alkaline levels will ultimately kill them altogether. Don’t let it happen. Call us now.

The arborists of our Bethesda MD tree service will infuse your soil with the appropriate fertilizers that will nourish your trees and allow them to flourish.

  1. Soil samples will be taken from around the specimens
  2. If pH testing indicates that there is a lack of alkalinity in your soil, lime can be added to increase it; if the same testing indicates that there is an over-abundance of alkalinity, sulfur or nitrogen-rich fertilizers can be added.
  3. Once proper pH balance has been established, we’ll do scheduled soil testing at regular intervals to ensure that your trees are thriving and that the appropriate pH balance is continually maintained.

Woodlot Management

Our Bethesda MD tree service team can help you manage the health and welfare of your wooded acreage by conducting soil testing and performing frequent maintenance such as trimming and pruning. These services are particularly important, if the growth contributes to your annual household income. Holiday firs, along with nut and fruit varieties offer substantial seasonal earnings. Investing in our excellent care ensures that you are able to produce the greatest possible yield and profits.

  • Opting for scheduled woodlot management allows for preventive measures that will head off problems before they arise.
  • Existing problems will be addressed in their earliest stages of development and take corrective actions before any extreme damage occurs.

Allowing a certified arborist to inspect and develop a plan to maintain decorative and fruit-bearing trees will ultimately result in greater peace of mind for you, your family and your customers. Recognizing the symptoms of disease, disfigurement, and disintegration is something that requires a trained eye – especially if the tree appears to be healthy.

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