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Alexandria, Virginia tree service requires skill, experience and deep knowledge. At your home and business property, we keep your trees healthy or nurse them back to strength. Safe and sensitive removal skill is essential when age, physical condition or natural event forces the end of the useful life of a tree.

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You care deeply about ensuring the vitality of a vital natural resource. It’s our goal to form a long-lasting partnership to nurture your greenery. It’s a long-lived partnership with the tree, too. Your tree has distinct needs and unique qualities. A tree is real, not real estate! Yet, healthy trees are an asset and investing in proper Alexandria, VA tree service adds value to your property.

Arbor Day is everyday

Your tree service includes the advice of our professional arborists. Did you know there are sixteen different varieties of pines and nine different kinds of oaks native to the Commonwealth? Count on us to know how to care for the specific needs of the hundreds of different varieties that make your property lush and welcoming.

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You will always receive a free estimate, and can count on award-winning tree service, or “The three Ts”:

  1. Tree maintenance
  2. Tree removal
  3. Tree growth

Tree service means maintenance

Just like humans, it is critical that a tree get enough air. Aeration is one way to manage the health of your trees. Also, spraying protects against pests and disease. Sometimes, bracing and cabling will help maintain strong, healthy growth. The term, “pruning” refers to the expertise required to safely keep trees from interfering with power and telephone lines, and roofs.

Tree service means removal

  • Count on 24-hour emergency Alexandria, VA tree service following one of our fierce wind, ice, or snow storms. A fire next door, a fatal disease or infestation, and even a runaway truck can be fatal to a tree. One of our teams sent to your home or business in Alexandria will always use crane trucks and follow the American National Standard Institution’s certified procedures.
  • Stump removal is an integral part of tree service. We remove all debris from our work. As you know, this is especially valuable in Alexandria, which sets firm limits on what city service will take away from homes and businesses.

Growth requires care

Dead and dying branches must be removed, crowding minimized, and height adjusted to encourage strong growth. Proper tree service increases light and air penetration and creates clearance between structures and other trees. Trees damaged by storms, accident or vandalism can be rehabilitated and restored with expert care.

Don’t leave the health and value of your trees to chance. Find out how affordable professional care is.

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