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Tree Trimming Cost in Northern Virginia
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Tree Trimming Cost in Northern VirginiaWould you like to know the factors that impact your tree trimming cost in Northern Virginia, Alexandria, McLean, Arlington, Springfield, Fairfax and the surrounding areas?

Keep reading to learn how we determine the cost of tree trimming service.

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How Much Does Tree Pruning Cost Per Tree?

There is far more involved in determining your tree trimming estimate than just the size of your trees (although tree size does have an impact).

This makes it difficult to provide an “average tree trimming cost per hour or tree.” Rather, each situation is unique and requires different levels of effort and expertise as well as different equipment.

The following are some of the factors that are considered when determining tree pruning costs.

The Size of Your Tree

Larger trees not only have more branches that need to be pruned, they also require greater expertise, specific equipment, and involve additional risk for the arborist.

A basic rule of thumb is that the smaller the tree and the less branches it has the less expensive the trimming service. Larger trees also require more cleanup for trimmed branches.

Accessibility of Your Tree

The location and ease of accessibility can impact your costs as much as the size of the tree itself.

If a tree is surrounded by obstacles, or if special care has to be taken to ensure that falling branches don’t damage surrounding property, then the trimming is going to cost more than if the tree was unobstructed.

Certain situations, such as when a tree’s branches are entangled in power lines, may require the use of a crane and involvement from the power company. This can further affect your total trimming cost.

Consistency of Maintenance & Pruning

A tree that is consistently maintained can be less expensive to prune for two reasons.

  1. A regularly pruned tree will require less pruning to maintain its condition.
  2. If you turn to the same arborist for your pruning needs they will already be familiar with how to approach the pruning, the expertise required, and any equipment needed.

Regularly scheduling pruning can help to reduce your costs over time.

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