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Estimating Your Tree Stump Grinding Cost in Northern Virginia
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Tree Stump Grinding Cost VirginiaWant to know what to expect for your tree stump grinding cost in Northern Virginia, Arlington, Springfield, Alexandria, McLean, Fairfax, and the surrounding areas?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to estimate how much a stump grinding service will cost you. While there are certain exceptions and situations that can alter the average price of stump grinding, we’d like to offer insight into how certified arborists determine the scope and difficulty of the job.

If you’d like to speak with a tree service expert who can answer all of your questions, or if you’d like a free stump grinding estimate for your property, call (703) 348-1920 today. Or you can click here to contact us online.


Understanding How Stump Grinding Services Are Priced

Stump grinding services are priced based on a variety of factors including environmental considerations and the physical structure of the stump itself.

A good place to start is roughly $10 per inch of the diameter of the stump. However, this is merely a baseline, and numerous factors can make the job more difficult and intensive, and therefore increase the price.

Most arborists have a minimum cost of $100 for a stump grinding job because of the required equipment maintenance and transportation. (Stump grinders are not cheap, and certainly aren’t lightweight!)

When estimating the cost of grinding a particular stump certified arborists will look at the:

  • Type of tree stump – Is it Oak, Maple, Sycamore? The tree type can impact the wood hardness and make grinding more difficult.
  • Density of the wood – A denser wood can take longer to grind and place more wear and tear on the stump grinder itself.
  • Depth of the stump – A stump that extends further into the ground will require more effort to grind completely. We will typically grind as deep as 5” below the surface to ensure.
  • Root structure – A stump with an expansive root structure that is extremely deep, has a wide radius, or both, will require more effort and time to grind.

Next Steps Once the Process is Complete

The goal of stump grinding is to remove remnants of a tree trunk from your property with minimal damage to the lawn and any surrounding areas.

Once the stump is ground about 5 inches below the surface, the grindings will need to be removed, and soil will have to be laid to cover the hole. Finally the best tree service companies will lay grass seed to get you a head start on repairing your lawn.

After the roots and any remaining tree material below the surface decays, all evidence of the tree stump will be gone both above and below the ground’s surface.

Contact Absolute Tree For Your Free Estimate

If you’d like a free stump grinding estimate for your Northern Virginia property, call (703) 348-1920 today. You can also click here to submit a request online.

Absolute Tree Service Inc. is one of the leading tree service companies serving the Virginia area. Whether you need tree service for a residential or commercial property, contact us today to learn how we can help!


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