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Tree Removal Cost in Northern Virginia
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Tree Removal Cost in Northern Virginia & Montgomery County, MDAre you trying to determine your tree removal cost in Northern Virginia, Alexandria, Arlington, McLean, Fairfax, Springfield, Montgomery County, MD or the surrounding areas?

Keep reading to learn all of the factors involved in determining how much your tree removal costs.

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Factors Involved In Tree Removal Price

Unfortunately, it’s impossible provide a simple “average cost of tree removal.” It’s not as simple as a flat charge per tree.

There are a wide range of factors that can impact your tree cutting cost. Some situations require more labor, others require special equipment, and some even require working with the local power company.

Here are some factors that can impact your cost for tree removal:

Tree Size

The larger the tree, the more involved, dangerous, and expensive the job. Special precautions have to be taken with very tall trees, and often they need to be removed in sections.

Fallen tree removal costs are typically less expensive than a live tree removal, but can still be based on size.

Tree Location & Accessibility

The location of a tree greatly influences the labor involved with its removal.

A tree positioned away from obstacles is going to be less expensive to remove than a tree that needs special care to prevent it from damaging property during the removal.

Tree Removal Equipment Needed

If a tree is difficult to access because of power lines or other obstacles, then special equipment, rigging or even a crane may be necessary. (We may even have to get the power company involved if power lines are tangled within branches).

The less special equipment and expertise required to remove a tree, the lower the cost.

What To Look for in a Tree Removal Estimate

As you start to shop around for estimates here are a few qualities to look for that separate quality professional tree removal company from second-rate contractors.

  • Full liability & workmen’s compensation insurance (Because you don’t want to be responsible for any injury on or damage to your property)
  • Look for credentials (Tree Care Industry Association & International Society of Arboriculture membership)
  • Search for online reviews and other reputation indicators (Angie’s List, BBB, Yelp, Google + etc.)

Click here to read our complete guide to finding the best tree removal company in your area.

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