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Tree Care Service in Northern Virginia
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Are you looking for tree care service in Northern Virginia, Alexandria, McLean, Arlington, Fairfax, Springfield, or the surrounding areas?

Tree care services from a certified arborist can go a long way toward protecting and preserving the future of some of our most precious natural resources. Keep reading to learn how our one time and long-term care programs can make your trees healthier and stronger.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule tree care service call (703) 348-1920 today.

What You Get from Tree Care Services

The benefits of effective tree maintenance are numerous: Trees that are properly preserved and treated not only beautify the surroundings in which we live, but also offer many rewards in terms of purified air, weather protection and overall property value.

In addition to regular maintenance, emergency tree care is also important to the welfare and safety of those that enjoy being surrounded by trees.

Because of that, full service tree care will often consist of the following practices:

Regular maintenance encourages the vitality and health of trees, and is a cost effective way to deal with issues before they have the chance to grow and become more trouble than before.

The Importance of Inspections

A structured care program allows for visual inspections of both young and mature specimens. This is acted upon with regular fertilization, mulching, and pruning. An effective maintenance schedule will also pick out mite and pest infestations, tree diseases, and other signs of deterioration.

Detecting potential problems at the earliest stage allows a trained arborist to take corrective action before the effects can become damaging to a tree. A healthy tree can often live a very long time, and effective care means that the benefits of a lovingly maintained tree will be passed on for several generations.

Inspections can be carried out annually and these visual checks give an arborist many indications of the health of a particular tree. As well as isolating obvious problem points such as physical damage or infestations, an arborist will observe other characteristics that build a picture of the specimen’s vigor. Leaf and bud growth, twig growth, leaf presence, and crown dieback are all reliable indicators of overall tree health.

Reductions in fresh growth are an obvious sign of change and a regular tree care program allows an arborist to make reference to previous inspections to find signs of abnormality. Crown dieback, fungi, and decay are also reliable sources of concern. By picking up on problems at an early stage, there is always a much better chance of providing a lasting remedy and preventing further damage or death.

Mulching, Pruning, and Fertilization

Regular mulching provides a beneficial rooting environment for trees. Moisture is retained easily and weed growth is also halted. This allows a tree to enjoy the maximum benefits of soil quality and nutritional content to promote further growth and health.

Fertilization also helps to create a healthier environment and adds further nutrients to a soil that may not be present naturally. Some fertilizers will also help to balance the pH of the surrounding soil.

Pruning is vital and allows dead, damaged, or diseased limbs to be removed. This helps to prevent a further spread of problems and also improves the structure of a tree. This leads to a safer environment and a stronger, healthier specimen.

When Regular Tree Care Just Isn’t Enough

Of course, there will always be times when preventative measures aren’t enough and an emergency tree care service can also be of great benefit. Storm damage or just an unfortunate accident can not only endanger the life of a tree but also the safety of those living nearby.

A certified arborist will be able to make a safe, informed decision on preserving the life of a damaged tree or, in a worst-case scenario, decide on the best way to remove it.

As skilled professionals, we here at Absolute Tree take the necessary steps to ensure your trees and the areas that surround them are always kept safe. Whether you need limb removal, tree felling, tree fungus treatment, tree borer treatment, or any of kind of tree care in Virginia, we are equipped to handle it.

As a fully licensed, insured, and certified member of the Tree Care Industry Association, we can guarantee that our tree care service can pay instant rewards even on a first-time inspection.

Providing excellent tree care and thorough safety practices are at the core of our values and commitment. Schedule a Free Estimate today!

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