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Plant Health Care in Northern Virginia
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Plant Health Care VirginiaAre you in need of plant health care in Northern Virginia, Arlington, McLean, Alexandria, Fairfax or the surrounding areas?

Tree fungus and other diseases can be a big issue for homeowners. As a property owner, there are many things you can do to make sure it isn’t a threat to the trees on your property. Keep reading to learn how you can indentify tree fungus and the steps you can take to ensure your trees remain healthy.

To learn more about our plant health care services, or to schedule fungus treatment, call (703) 348-1920 today. You can also click here to contact us online.

What is Plant Health Care?

Plant health care, or PHC for short, is a holistic strategy for helping to maximize the health and growth of plant—or in this case, trees.

PHC can help plants remain strong in the face of pests, disease, fungus, and other environmental stressors.

What to Look For in a Diseased Tree

Tree fungi come in a variety of forms and certain types can affect the trees on your property more than others, depending on what kind of trees you have on your land.

To begin the process of tree fungus removal, you first need to know what the signs of a sick tree are.

It helps to be familiar with the signs because the fact that your tree has fungi can sometimes be obvious but, other times, it can be very subtle. If you notice issues like discolored leaves, late leaf growth and early leaf loss, and a large insect presence, then there is likely an infection occurring the tree is trying to fight off.

Likewise, if you notice mushrooms growing on your tree or around its trunk, that is a sure sign that action needs to be taken to fight off an infection. Click here to learn more about our tree disease control services.

Why Trees May Become Sick

There are a lot of different factors that influence the health of a tree and, as a result, many reasons why it can get sick.

Some of those can include:

  • Mineral deficiencies in soil
  • Pathogens such as nearby fungi
  • Weakness caused by drought
  • Problems caused by herbicides

As you can see, many of the reasons why your property might need tree fungus treatment have just as much to do with environment as it does with human interaction.

That’s why proper tree care should have as much to do with identifying the cause as it does with treating the symptoms.

Why Does Plant Health Care Matter?

Caring about whether your trees are host to disease can benefit a property owner in many different ways.

When you identify a problem and make sure it gets fixed, you can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Improved air quality
  • Stronger property value
  • More efficient rain water management
  • Increased protection from wind and sun

We share a mutually beneficial relationship with the trees on our land, so we should be doing everything possible to ensure their health. That includes initiating comprehensive treatment when disease takes hold and threatens the wellbeing of the tree.

Tree Fungus Treatment with Absolute Tree

When you need to tree care service that can save the trees on your property you need a certified arborist from absolute tree at your disposal!

Here at Absolute Tree, we specialize in the identification of fungus on trees and other problems and know what steps have to be taken in order to restore the health of those trees.

Our services are designed with the health and beauty of your property in mind, because we know just how integral a role your trees play in the value of your land.

Through our tree fungus treatment, we will take the conditions of the tree into account, look at the symptoms of illness and make sure the remedy we apply is the one that will restore the tree to is rightful state.

Whether that remedy is applying tree fungicide, thorough pruning and trimming, or anything else, we can handle it.

We’ve worked with property owners in places like Alexandria, Springfield, and Fairfax, and many other cities throughout Northern Virginia; now it’s time for us to help you.

Contact Us Today

To schedule PHC to help heal your diseased trees call (703) 348-1920 today. You can also click here to contact us online and tell us about the symptoms of your trees.

After you do, we will come assess the situation and set up an appointment for your tree fungus treatment as soon as possible. Absolute Tree Service, Inc is one of the leading providers of plant health care in the Northern Virginia area. Contact us today to learn more about our proven PHC techniques.


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