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Kiln Dried Firewood: The Perfect Solution to All of Your Firewood Need

What exactly is Kiln Dried Firewood?

When burning firewood, it is often best to do so with lumber that has already been through a drying process.  By pre-drying your firewood, the wood not only becomes much easier to light; in fact, its total fuel content increases through a reduction in moisture content as well. If this drying process is performed in a kiln, then the product is known as kiln-dried firewood—one of the more popular firewood products on the market.  In fact, the kiln-drying method is proven to be a much quicker and more efficient alternative to conventional methods of air-drying.

In the kiln drying process, an industrial oven dries the firewood by introducing large amounts of heat.  Powered by electrical and natural gas outlets, the oven can evenly distribute large amounts of thermal energy to the firewood, removing large quantities of moisture from the wood.  The firewood is stacked inside of kiln chambers and dried through a steaming process, slowly releasing any moisture absorbed by the wood. After the kiln-drying process, the firewood retains practically none of its original water content. By implementing kiln-drying schedules, operators can control air-circulation and humidity in order to produce the optimal moisture content of any given type of wood.


Why Kiln Dried Firewood?

The best kiln dried lumber is dried to the lowest moisture content possible, ensuring easy-to-light and fuel-efficient timber.  With regular seasoned firewood, moisture content can sometimes be unevenly distributed throughout the wood, causing an uneven burn rate and producing more carbon emissions. The seasoned air-drying method (running water to remove sap) can reduce both the elasticity and durability of the wood, creating a very brittle firewood product. Furthermore, typical air-drying procedures can take exponentially longer than the kiln-drying process, and the extra-wood lying around can clutter an unnecessary amount of space.

The high temperatures in the kiln-drying process actually ensure that all fungi spores and insect pests are eliminated from the wood. Moreover, typical air-drying methods can cause the firewood to split and crack during warm summer months. During colder winter-months, air-drying methods become almost impossible. Thus, in order to ensure the highest quality firewood, it is best to kiln-dry all of your lumber when possible.


Absolute Tree Inc: Unparalleled Products and Service

Here at Absolute Tree Inc. we take pride in delivering our customers the highest quality products on the market. While we typically deal with tree removal, pruning, or trimming, we feel that our experience with the forestry industry puts in a prime position to enter the firewood market as well.  We stock large quantities of different hardwood blends, available in bulk or bundled form for our customers. However, we don’t consider this project as a “side business”—we are prepared to devote full time and attention to ensuring our customers receive the best firewood available in the Metro Area.

Over the past decade, we’ve been known as the leading tree service the Metro Area has to offer, but we’re still eager to grow and innovate as a business. To provide this best service possible, we use only the highest quality of technologies and equipment when working. We’ve already been awarded Angie’s List Super Service Award—a title we don’t plan on giving up any time soon. Still skeptical? Check out our reviews on Angie’s List to get a better taste of what people are saying about our business.


Trustworthy Accreditation:

When choosing which firewood to purchase, it is important that the business you buy from is properly accredited to perform these procedures and sell these products. Here at Absolute Tree Inc., we boast a variety of accreditations. As certified arborists under the International Society of Arboriculture, we can assure you that we know the all of best practices when it comes to dealing with wood products.


Local Commitment

In order to prevent further destruction from invasive species, it is recommended that customers still buy firewood from local vendors in the area. We’ve been committed to serving the Northern VA, Maryland, and Washington DC area for many years, and we don’t plan on changing our location any time soon. If you’re looking for premium firewood in the Metro Area—look no further! We’re more than happy to be serving local restaurants and residential customers—ensuring they receive the firewood they need to keep their businesses running and bodies warm! Not sure if you fall within our area? Check out a list of some of our locations below:



Washington DC:

Contact Us

Be sure to contact us for special offers on upcoming firewood sales. Take a visit to our contact to request more information, or write a review for us if you’re a returning customer! For more information on what’s happening at Absolute Tree Inc., check out our new blog

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