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Absolute Tree, Inc. is committed to being an eco-friendly company. We have always recycled and reused everything from our tree debris to our engine oil.

All small debris produced on a daily basis is sent through our wood chipper and turned into chips, which we give away and deliver to our customers and our community. We have also created a partnership with a wood recycling company, that specilaizes in turning wood debris into mulch.

All straight pieces of Oak, Poplar and Cherry are delivered by Absolute Tree, Inc. to local mills which in turn make furniture, wood floors and many other wood products. All other hardwood is cut and split for firewood.

In our office, we recycle all paper and use as little paper as necessary. We have recycled our paper trail and do most of our proposals, invoices and accounts payable online.

Lastly, during our monthly maintenance day, our used equipment oil is taken to an oil company that recycles it. Read about our otherĀ Virginia Tree Services


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