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Emergency Tree Removal Service Virginia
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Fallen Tree Storm Damage Virginia

Do you need emergency tree removal service in Virginia, Arlington, McLean, Alexandria, Fairfax, Springfield, Herndon, Richmond or the surrounding areas?

Emergency tree removal service is of course something you never hope to need, but it’s a fact of life at some point for many homeowners and business owners. Don’t trust any other company in Northern Virginia to handle your emergency tree services more safely and efficiently than the experts at Absolute Tree, Inc.

Few things can pose a threat to the safety of your home the way a dangerous, storm damaged tree can. When you notice one on your property, you want to take every step you can to fix the problem and remain safe.

Keep reading this page to learn more. Here, you’ll find information about emergency tree removal service available to homeowners in Northern Virginia and the Richmond area that will take care of all of your dangerous tree-related problems.

If you need immediate help, or if you have any questions, call (703) 348-1920 or click here to contact us online.

The Dangers of Storm Damage

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, violent weather can wreak havoc on a home in our part of the country. Whether a storm comes in the summer or the winter, nearby trees are just as susceptible as the house is.

While it is often true that the city will take care of tree, limb, or branch that has fallen into city streets and public rights of way, using a emergency tree removal service for any of those, or even an entire downed tree, may be your only option in some cases.

It’s common for trees or limbs that grow on and have fallen on private property to be the responsibility of the homeowner in cleaning up. So if that large oak in your yard is on the brink of falling after a thunderstorm or high wind, it’s not going to be removed unless you hire emergency tree removal service to do it. You also are obligated to do the same if your tree poses a danger to another person’s home or property.

Why Professional Tree Removal Matters

Residential Property Storm Damage

Emergency tree removal service is something that takes skill to carry out, which is why it’s a project that the average homeowner should not attempt.

Not only are accidents common for many homeowners trying to remove fallen branches from high places such as the roof, but many people don’t think about the fact that removing those branches from high places can cause them to fall in unintended places, such as on the car.

Projects like tree trimming and other types of tree care are better left to professionals who can ensure every step is taken to remove any potential danger posed by a damaged tree. So, when you need an issue taken care of, think about what you stand to gain by working with professionals who are experience in addressing the problem.

Contact Us Now For Emergency Service – 24/7

We hope you won’t need emergency tree removal service anytime soon, but if a problem does arise, call Absolute Tree, Inc., in Alexandria at 703-348-1920 contact us online.

We do offer 24-hour service because we are well aware that damage doesn’t happen during normal business hours; so you can get in touch with us whether you have a fallen tree, branches that threaten power lines, or anything else.

Every aspect of our emergency tree removal service is done by a professionally trained crew from a crane. Some other tree services might just attach themselves to the tree and climb, but we believe the extra cost we incur (not the customer) of having a crane is worth the safety for you and us.

Even though we are fully licensed and insured, we’ve never had an accident on the job, to person or property. You won’t need to worry about anyone getting hurt, or any damage occurring to your home while we work.

With us working on your tree removal, you also won’t have to worry about the limits that the city places on what will be removed. If you don’t already know, the city limits the weight and size of any potential tree debris that it will haul away – for example, no logs or stumps, no branches larger than 3 inches in diameter and a 70-pound limit per bundle. Even if you can hit all the city requirements, that’s a lot of work! Of course all of our emergency tree removal service includes full debris removal.

We are proud members of the Tree Care Industry Association, so you can trust our emergency tree removal service experts to get the job done affordably and quickly but never by sacrificing safety. Our emergency tree removal service is available through Virginia in cities like Alexandria, Springfield, Richmond, Arlington County, Vienna, Falls Church, Annandale, Burke, Fairfax, Fairfax Station, Great Falls, and Mclean, and many others.

Get in touch with us today and let us know just what we can do for you.


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